Gay Marriage

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The far-right flap over President Obama’s outing on Gay Marriage is almost laughable if they were not serious. They reply that marriage as always been defined as between one man and one woman as per the Bible. These are people who claim to be rabid Christians who go to bed with a Bible tucked under their pillow, wake in the morning spouting passages from said Bible, carry one into the bathroom with them and speak back and forth with each other at the breakfast table about parts of it every morning. That is if they are to be believed.

But, wait what you quoth is not correct, oh Christian better than I. There are passages from the Bible (that book from which a word cannot be changed) that define marriage between one man a whole bunch of women all at the same time. Whoa, where forth d…oth thee get that oh Christian lessor than thou?

They don’t evidently read the same Bible that I do or else they ain’t reading it much at all. Solomon that great king of kings that evangelicals love to quote from; well ole Sol had a passel of wives. What gives? Doth it be possible that Mitt the Flopper of Flip-Floppers, be he wrong? Oh forsooth tell me it is not so!

And Abraham slept with more than one woman! Strike me blind if it ain’t so! Lots of extra-martial affairs and sleeping about in the old Bible from which words cannot be changed. Lots of the Old Testaments guys had a bunch of wives too. So maybe the definition isn’t just one man and one woman, but many women and one man or weren’t women allowed to have more than one man?

Well, of course not, that book from which no words can be changed said women were chattels and of course with Mitt and company they believe we need to head back to them ancient times and go for it again. Wouldn’t that be special Church Lady?

It’s amazing how these people love to spout from a Bible from which no words can be changed and it doing so change the words to fit whatever scenario that comes to their mind! Peace be upon them for they do not seem to know what they sayeth or from whence they sayeth it!” —– Bob Bearden


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