‎The Election This Year is About Values.

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The election this year is about values. Not the right-wing ‘family values’ espoused by Mitt Romney and company. Those values praise those who are against women,those who are against the rights of minorities and the rights of workers to collective bargain. This is America and our values have always been the values of spirit and good will and sharing.

Where and when did this nation begin to celebrate the values of the Koch Brothers, and Paul Ryan and the ‘Five Supreme’s? Those are not American Values. American Values celebrate the accomplishments of those who help build the middle class and raise our nation’s citizens out of poverty. Those who espouse those ‘family values’ are the people who brought us the ‘weekend’; the forty-hour week; sick leave and overtime pay! Those are the values of America. Working together for the ‘common good’ not preaching hate and avarice and an adherence to a doctrine that makes ‘chattels’ of women, destroys the rights of minorities and takes away the ‘American Dream’ from those mired in poverty and tells them they are lazy and shiftless.

Why do we listen to people like Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney who tell us corporations are people? We know that is a lie and yet we won’t stand up and tell Mitt and Rick and Newty or Scott Walker they are wrong, when they tell us we should fire teachers, fire public workers, fire fire-fighters and fire police who are hard workers and who are teaching our children and repairing our cities and towns and who are protecting our homes and protecting us from crimes and criminals.

We the people are the ones who have built this nation and yet we stand by and say nothing when politicians like Mitt Romney say that we have to take less and we have to let the corporate world reduce our salaries and take away our benefits. And that we have give corporations super rights of citizenry. And that it is our fault that the nation is in dire straits and instead of punishing Wall Street for what they did to our country and us, we need to let them continue doing what they have been doing to us and our nation and stop whining about losing our jobs and having less pay to feed our children.

We have accepted their lies that everything that is wrong with America is not only our fault, but the fault of our government. We know better, but unless we start to speak up, speak out and push back they will soon own us lock, stock and teardrop!

What’s wrong with America isn’t our fault. We the people didn’t put our nation, its citizens and the future of our children at risk. We didn’t cause Wall Street’s financial collapse . We need to quit letting Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum teach us about their ‘family values’. We need to start teaching them about real family values.

Values that celebrate hard work and true patriotism not some phony screed that celebrates hatred and bigotry. We are the people we need to take back America and put it on the path to prosperity. We can’t do that with the Paul Ryan Budget. We can’t do that with the Mitt Romney creed of loving to fire people. We can’t do that with the taking away the rights of women and students and minorities. We can’t do that by taking away the buffer from our seniors provided by Medicare and Social Security. We can’t do that by dismantling the Postal Service. But, we can do that by telling Rick, and Newty and Mitt to get lost.

We can change the course of our nation, but we can’t do that by sitting on our behinds and doing and saying nothing. If we love our country then we must fight for it, otherwise the Koch Brothers will rule and we the people will no longer have the rights our founders gave to us. There is still time to stop the forces of darkness, but only if we act now!

We should be celebrating the things that are good about our nation. We should be celebrating love, peace and compassion for everyone; not corporate greed and a culture of avarice and despair! We are Americans not Kochians or Romneyites! We owe our nation to those who came before us, millions of immigrants from all over the world who came to our shores and worked hard and raised their children to have real family values not values rooted in hatred, bigotry and greed!” —– Bob Bearden



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