United States Postal Service

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎One of this nation’s most respected and venerable institutions the United States Postal Service is in peril of being dismantled and given over to private contractors. It’s not a rumor it’s a fact. The United States Senate recently approved Senate Bill 1789 which if it is signed into law in its present form will begin the dismantling process, which will lead to mass lay offs of postal employees, the end of six-day delivery, the closing of thousands of post offices in small town America and the closing of hundreds of mail processing plants across the United States.

For 237 years the Post Office has been the main entity that has bound together the populace of our nation, from sea to shining sea. It has been the main gathering and meeting place for millions of small town America’s citizens. It is a symbol of what is good and right about our nation and historically it has kept our people informed like no other institution of government could.

It is more than just an arm of the federal government. It has brought millions of our citizens news about the start of wars, the end of wars, births, deaths and weddings. It has brought each of us packages and letters that have enriched our lives. The postal service does that everyday of the year, enrich the lives of millions of our citizens. It is a vital and necessary cog in the wheels that keep our nation going. And despite the gloom and doom of a lot of people who have their own agenda for the postal service it is not archaic nor outdated.

It performs better today than it ever has, but getting the facts out to the public is something that even postal management seems to want to deny. The service still makes money and has every year except for three years since 1981, but the problem isn’t that, the problem is simple and it is not something that the general populace has been told or that the forces that would dismantle the postal service would want you as a citizen to know.

The service’s problems began in 2006 with the passage into law of the Postal Reform Act of 2006. The act was aimed at modernizing the service and parts of it were good and did just that, but the ‘lame duck congress’ added an onerous part to the bill. It required the service to pre-fund its health benefits and retirement benefits for future retirees for 75 years in advance and required it to do so within 10 years. Something that no other entity inside the government nor outside the government is required to do.

That one requirement has caused the service to spend more than $5 billion dollars a year just to meet the 10 year pre-funding requirement. As a result the service despite making a profit for every single one of those years has had that profit eaten up because of the pre-funding requirement and made it unable to meet it obligations. It makes no sense, but those who wish to dismantle the service and siphon off its profitable parts don’t care and they certainly don’t want the general public, whom they are intent upon fooling, to know those facts.

The GAO has already said that the fund containing the monies to be used to pre-fund postal retirees’ health and retirement benefits 75 years into the future is over funded and needs no influx of funds to keep it solvent and fully funded for at least 50 years into the future, but congress is controlled by the very forces who wish to dismantle the postal service and they are intent on keeping the facts away from the public at least until they have completed their mission to destroy the postal service.

We as citizens need to get the facts out to everyone. Our family, our friends our colleagues and co-workers. We should be appalled at what the forces of darkness are trying to do to the postal service.

The postal service is still a vital and necessary part of our government and is important still to millions of our citizens. Millions of our most vulnerable citizens rely on the service for most if not all of their communications. The service still competes well with the other major delivery services, like UPS and Fed-Ex. In fact, it delivers hundreds of thousands of UPS and Fed-Ex packages to their final destination, because only the postal service is tasked by law to deliver to every business and household in America. Something that neither Fed-Ex nor UPS does. It also is the most common choice of millions of people who order things over the Internet and have what they have purchased shipped to them via the United States Postal Service.

The postal service needs your help to survive and you and me and every citizen in this nation still needs the postal service and the services that it provides. Among all the industrialized nations of the world the postal service still by far has the cheapest rates, for stamps and other products. It is a bargain that we as a nation cannot get anywhere else. Letting it die should not ever be an option! So write, call, email or contact your congressperson and/or senator and ask them to keep this vital service and not let it be destroyed!” —– Bob Bearden


One thought on “United States Postal Service

  1. You did a good account of the postal service perils. Here we have a successful government program, and that is why the conservatives hate it. Their solution is to privatize everything, which would be a disaster. And oh yes, the postal service has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, labor union work force. Another reason for the right to target the P.O.

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