‎Another Black Eye for Red State Oklahoma

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎Another black eye for Red State Oklahoma. Shame on the republican leadership in the state legislature for their treatment of a man I know to be of the highest integrity. Oklahoma was once a bastion of liberal ideas and thought and stood far above all other states in picking men and women of honor and integrity for public service. Jim Roth has carried on that tradition. It is to the everlasting shame of Oklahoma that people of integrity the like of Jim Roth can no longer be judged on their public record.

Jim served with distinction and honor as Oklahoma County Commissioner before his appointment to the State Corporation Commission where his service was also exemplary before being ousted by vile anti-gay rhetoric in a nasty campaign. He is a man of high integrity and honor and does not deserve the treatment he is receiving at the hands of the Oklahoma State Legislative Leadership who are refusing to even consider his appointment to the Oklahoma Election Board by Governor Fallin. It is another sad day for Oklahoma that homophobia has once again raised its ugly head, doing dishonor not only to a man of high moral character and integrity but also to the citizens of the state he is seeking to represent.

We should be of higher moral character than to play petty politics. But it is a sorry symptom of our times that a person’s sexual orientation is even to be considered when selecting them for public service. Gays and Lesbians should have the same rights as any other citizen. One’s sexual orientation should never be a reason to discriminate against anyone.

Science and the medical profession has long since proved that being gay is not done so by choice. That boat sailed a long time ago and it is time we as a nation recognize that being gay is not a disease nor is anyone ever going to be infected with being gay. Gays can no more change who they are than can someone who is heterosexual can change who they are.

I have known Jim Roth ever since he first ran for Oklahoma County Commissioner. We joined Mayflower Church on the same day and have been friends for all of that time. He is a man of high integrity, caring, compassionate and hard working. He is in the very tradition of a long line of public servants born and bred in Oklahoma. It is simply wrong for the Oklahoma State Senate Leadership not to consider his appointment to the Oklahoma Election Board. They should be called to task for this heinous act.” —– Bob Bearden



One thought on “‎Another Black Eye for Red State Oklahoma

  1. What in the world is going on here? A respected Assistant DA in Richmond VA was denied a judgeship because of his sexual orientation. This was after a General Assembly Committee had endorsed his selection. And now I read this. What is going on?

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