‎Religious Right Claims Absolute Adherence

by Bob Murl Bearden
‎The religious right claims absolute adherence to what the Bible says. The Bible as I know it is impossible to pin down on anything from one book to another ambiguities abound. Downright contradictions fly off the pages all over the place. So how do they adhere strictly to what the Bible says? Wouldn’t that make them just a tad insane?

No, here’s how one Baptist preacher in Oklahoma makes it all work, at least for him. Jesus wrote the entire Bible. That’s right he has plain as day came out and said that. Not explaining of course how that would be possible since Jesus didn’t come a long until pretty late in the Bible, say after the Old Testament had been around for a few thousand years.

And we wonder from time to time why people question the sanity of preachers and religious zealo…ts. As my grandfather once noted you can make the Bible say pretty much anything you want it to say if you are willing to take it out of context and ignore whole parts of it.

So the right’s claims that marriage has always been between one man and one woman, though it flies in the face of what we know about what the Bible says on marriage, works if you are willing to ignore a whole lot of the passages from the Bible.

Gone anything written in Solomon. A lot of stuff we know about David would have to be expunged. Abraham had concubines so that would need to go missing too. We would need to lose a lot of the pillars of virtue in the Old Testament because many of them had a few more than just one wife. Any of those guys who divorced their wives would need to be expunged.

Now what about politicians? Newty comes to my mind he’s had several wives, well maybe not several but at least three, guess that’s why he didn’t qualify to be president. One man one woman didn’t work too well for him.

Hypocritical clap trap is the order of the day for the Party of No. My grandfather once tried to explain to my mother why she should listen to him and do what he said. My mother allowed that what he wanted her to do was something that he didn’t do himself. His answer was simple, “Do as I say, not as I do!” That seems to work well for a lot of people in the Party of No these days!

Maybe that can explain their insistence on marriage being between one man and one woman. Do as they say not necessarily as they do. Evidently that how the Bible works for them too. Not as they do, but as they say they do!” —– Bob Bearden


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