‎The Romney Campaign’s New Tactic

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The Romney campaign has started a new tactic, since they can’t seem to come up with a strategy that makes sense for restarting the economy beyond the old failed acts of Bush the Lessor they have apparently decided that the best way to go is to take credit for all things Obama and then say everything that happened in Bush the Lessor’s 8 years is the fault of Obama. How cool is that?

Romney is taking credit for the auto industry bail out. He is actually on record saying that he deserves the credit and that everything that was done by Obama to bail out the auto industry originated in his mind. Wow! What a Rovian thing to do. So now we can blame the last 30 years on Obama.

I guess that means it was Romney’s idea for Obama to out himself on the issue of Gay Marriage? Say what? Does that now make Romney in favor of Gay Marriage? Well, he did say during his 94 campaign against Ted Kennedy that he was far to the left of Ted, which would be a wondrous feat in and of itself were it actually to be true. Ted Kennedy was the most liberal of all the Kennedy brothers and he was a tried and true liberal in the very mold and stripe of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A hard job for Romney to morph into that type of liberal and even be far left of Ted’s positions.

But, interestingly enough when you think about it such a move on Romney’s part isn’t that far-fetched. He has moved all over the map on almost everything in the past several months. Moving from hard right to hard left doesn’t seem to be that far out of line for the Mittster!

My question is just when will he begin to take credit for getting Osama bin Laden? Well, if you splice together some of his comments on the subject he already pretty much has taken credit for that slight feat. He went on the record saying that Obama did what any president would have done, including Mitt Romney who though he hasn’t ever been president seems to know how to take credit for presidential decisions made by a number of past presidents.

It’s amazing on the face of it, but with the dumbed down electorate we seem to have rising, more and more, in this country it really isn’t out of the realm of reality to expect that a lot of people would believe that even though Mitt has never been president or even served in a presidential cabinet he might deserve credit for past presidential decisions.

All of this would be laughable if not for the fact that a growing number of our citizens have seemly lost touch with reality altogether. Why is that? I am beginning to believe that all of the tons of so-called reality shows are having an adverse effect on the minds and brains of a lot of otherwise intelligent citizens. Because of the proliferation of reality shows on TV we are beginning to have people who are so engrossed in the fake reality presented by these television programs that they are losing touch with what is real and what is fake.

So it makes perfect sense to make the short leap to believing that someone who has never had anything directly to do with being president can now convince a segment of our population that he has been president and can now take credit for decisions made by others who were actually president. Scary? Oh yeah!

We as a nation are seemly losing the ability to separate the fake reality we see on TV with what is happening in the real world around us. We have become inured by what is being foisted upon us from our TV screens as something that is real we are now beginning to have trouble separating the real happenings in our life from what is being presented to us on television as real.

It is not that far-fetched to begin to believe whatever a political candidate says is true and not faked. I think H. L. Mencken’s prophecy is coming to fruition and we are about to reach our heart’s desire and elect a complete idiot to the White House. Scary? Oh yeah!” —– Bob Bearden


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