Tale of Two Parties

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎It’s a tale of two parties. One party embraces change and diversity and the other party heads back to the days when racism was rampant and women were chattels to their husbands. The defining characteristics of the Party of No are ‘Back to the Future’.

The Party of No now defines marriage as between ‘one man and one woman’, despite the many contradictions in the Bible on this very issue they still say the Bible says ‘one man and one woman’. Even the phrase is flawed. Why couldn’t it be one woman and one man? Because men in the Party of No are superior to all things feminine.

And the Bible of course is not silent on this issue. So many conflicts with between one man and one woman rears their ugly heads all over the Bible, especially during the days of the Old Testament when kings and high society and religious muckety-mucks all had many wives. That wouldn’t of course be something for discussion except many of these Biblical characters were high up in church lineage and lore.

In the mantra of the Party of No Gays and Lesbians have no place save to be saved from themselves and the Party of No wants to do whatever is necessary to scare them straight. What happened to scared silly? That’s just it, the Party of No is scared silly and that we might re-elect a Black Man as our President and they instead of taking the high road want to go down every road that leads to perdition.

They want to go down every dark road our nation has ever been down over the past couple of hundred years. They would love to take us back to the days of Jim Crow laws and lynching’s, because after all those were the ‘really good ole days’. They don’t just want to send Gays and Lesbians back into the closet they want to eradicate them from our society. One may wonder just how they propose to do that.

They want to end the rights of women to make decisions about their lives, loves and bodies. You see for them it’s not like a man’s right to make decisions about their lives, loves and bodies. That is a sacred right – God-given and unimpeachable. For women it’s a religious issue. Men have no religious restrictions, but women well for the Party of No – women are to be restricted in everything they do by religious edicts set forth over the past few thousands years by guess who? Men. Ah, do you now begin to get the picture?

For the Party of No workers should have no rights. Workers should be happy to be beholden to their employers and whatever manna their employers would possibly wish to bestow upon them they should be proud to receive and eternally grateful that they are being given anything including a job. It’s not about rights it’s about control.

Now we come to minorities. Minorities are, in the ideology of the far right, and a few rich old white billionaires, have no rights nor should they have any freedoms. The Party of No wants to roll back all the gains of the Civil Rights Movement and place restrictions on who can vote by the use of Voter I. D. laws that make it difficult to next to impossible for many of our seniors and many of our most vulnerable citizens to be able to exercise their most precious right in our society which is the right to vote. They want to take away Medicare and Social Security from our seniors and let them fend for themselves in the market place.

In the end it’s not about what’s right and what’s wrong it’s about control. It’s about the fact that old white men with tons of money are scared silly that they are losing their identity and it’s about the fact that in just a few short years white Anglo-Saxon protestants will be in the minority and gosh they will have to cede rights to those who are of a darker skin and allow this nation to realize it’s creed which is ‘all are created equal’.

For a bunch of old rich white guys that’s just not acceptable and they intend to make sure that while they still can, they buy enough politicians to stem the tide that is running against them and turn our nation into a fascist plutocracy! As far-fetched as it may seem to most Americans they have just about gained enough control of the Party of No to do just that!

The world has been turned upside down by the five supreme’s and their onerous decision to allow corporations to become humans without the right of birth or even having to go through the process of naturalizing their citizenship. It makes no sense and anyone with a modicum of common sense knows corporations cannot be declared human by any stretch of the imagination. The die is cast and now we as citizens of the most socialistic nation ever devised will have to pay the price for their stupidity!” —– Bob Bearden


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