Christian Right. Gay Marriage.

‎The Christian Right is trying to beat to death the issue of Gay Marriage. It is a right whose time has come, but they are doing what the Christian Right has always done, sticking their heads in the sand and saying vile things in an attempt to stave off the inevitable.

It didn’t work for them in the 18th Century when they cited a lot of the same sections of the Bible to proudly back the right of people to own slaves.

It didn’t work for them in the 19th Century when they used many of the same passages of the Bible to rail against the rise of workers, worker’s rights and worker’s unions.

It didn’t work for them when they tried to use the Bible to keep women in their place during the long struggle by women to gain suffrage and the right to vote.

It didn’t work for them in the 20th Century when they attempted to go back to the same ole same ole sections of the Bible to rail against giving African Americans and minorities their civil rights.

It isn’t working now because it’s a false dichotomy. My grandfather who was somewhat of an amateur Biblical scholar loved to point out that if you knew a lot about the Bible (and he did) you could make the Bible say pretty much anything you wanted it to say, as long as you didn’t mind leaving out whole sections of it and taking parts of it out of context.

The Christian Right claims the Bible says marriage is between one man and one woman, something that doesn’t actually say, but they point to sections that they claim to infer that to be true. But, in doing so they wipe out entire sections of the Bible that speak to men having the right to have numerous wives. Which many of the Old Testament patriarchs did in abundance. Likewise King Solomon whom many right-wing preachers love to quote from and who had something in the neighborhood of 800 wives.

The Christian Right is wrong (I stole that line from my minister Dr. Robin Meyer’s book Why the Christian Right is Wrong), they are dead wrong, but they will soldier on for decades probably saying Gay Marriage infringes upon their religious liberty, defiles the sanctity of marriage and a host of failed passages of scripture that they love to hang out as signs that they know what they are talking about, even when they don’t have a clue.

They cite statistics that are not correct in an effort to prove that Gays and Lesbians are lesser members of our society when the real facts are – Gays and Lesbians make great parents. And there is absolutely no evidence the prove that children who are raised by Gays and Lesbians are in any way predisposed to become gay or lesbian themselves, actually the opposite is true. Children raised by gay and lesbian parents tend to do better in school and in society in general.

And (to steal a line from Dave Letterman) the number one reason the Christian Right is Wrong is that the number one scientist their side hired a few years ago to prove homosexuality was a chosen lifestyle has now came out in agreement with almost every other scientist on the planet that people who are gay or lesbian have no say in the matter, they are born that way!

The case should be closed, but knowing the rabid haters on the right, they will not let this issue fade away anytime soon. For the Christian, Right hate seems to trump all else. Makes you wonder why they claim to follow Jesus Christ, who stood for peace, love, caring, compassion and tolerance and he was silent on the issue of Gays and Lesbians and he didn’t have a hating bone in his body. Whoa! How’d that happen?” —– Bob Bearden


3 thoughts on “Christian Right. Gay Marriage.

  1. This article sums up very well the problems with the Christian right not only regarding gay marriage but in general. The Christian right feels that any change to their way of life, away from a system that is based on a book written for a society thousands of years ago is an infringement on their liberties. The LGBT community is not asking Christians into their bedrooms to wathc them have sex, they are merely pleading for the same rights as the rest of humanity, and why shouldn’t they get them? The Christian right seeks to impinge on the liberties of others by scaremongering about the removal of their liberties, a quite abhorrent move.

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