‘Etch-a-sketch’ Candidate Make Over

By Bob Murl Bearden

‎The ‘Etch-a-sketch’ candidate is at it again. Rewriting history to make himself over. He now is telling us he will be a jobs creator and that his experience of laying off people while heading Bain Capital qualifies him to be our president. Never mentions his experience as governor of Massachusetts. That would require ‘etch a sketch’ overload. They don’t make an etch a sketch large enough to contain the bull puckey he would have to sketch out to clean up his time as governor. It would require a make over that would make Joan Rivers’ redo look pale in comparison.

Massachusetts went from 36th in job creation under his tenure to 47th. What a job creator he was for a lot of other states obviously. And his claims of job creation while at Bain Capital stinks like that ‘dead skunk in the middle of the road’. He didn’t create jobs while at Bain he fired people. Remember? He loves to fire people! Most of the companies Mitt and company took over at Bain shed employees like fleas off a dog’s back. Oh sure we need a lot more of that kind of job creation in this country.

Has Romney and the GOP become so desperate has to hire hecklers to follow Obama and his surrogates around heckling them at every stop? Mitt is blaming it on Obama but we can’t go by that for a barometer because he is blaming Obama for the financial meltdown under Bush the lessor. And now the GOP and Romney are admitting there actually is a ‘War on Women’! Wow! But wait there’s more. The real ‘War on Women’ is abortion and contraception. Oh really? What crapola!

Here it is only June 1st and already the GOP are trotting out their big guns and smelly tripe. I don’t know if we can hold our noses long enough to get the stench of their dirty smelling politics out of our pores. Romney and company are cutting and pasting quotes out of context from the 2008 campaign all over the place. Signs of desperation? Certainly doesn’t speak to any confidence in their ability to slug it out toe to toe with the other side, now does it fact for fact, truth for truth?

They can’t handle the truth!

Not only are they resorting to lies and cut and paste to spew forth their ridiculous message they are now moving to ensure victory by purging voter rolls in an effort to prevent and suppress the ability of the poor and disadvantaged to cast their ballot in the general election. But, fortunately even some of their own people are having trouble holding their noses at this one. The Secretary of State of Florida resigned his post rather than to take on that onerous task of denying American citizens their right to vote. And all over Florida county election boards are revolting against Rick Scott the right-wing tea party governor and refusing to follow his order to purge their rolls of voters.

It is a dirty world out there and the Party of No is ready to dump their trash on every roadside, city and park. If it means victory well why not? Truth isn’t of any concern to these clowns. If they can’t win by hook or crook then purge the rolls of eligible voters and that maybe will do the trick. Victory at all costs is the order of the day.

So they will continue to rewrite history to suit their fancy? Maybe not. School is still out on that one, but even some of their own are about ready to vomit over what they are trying to pull. It is up to ‘We the People’ to call them out on it. It’s never too late to speak the truth! It truly can set us free!” —– Bob Bearden



  1. “Has Romney and the GOP become so desperate has to hire hecklers to follow Obama and his surrogates around heckling them at every stop?i” Kind of like sending their bus to cruise around and around where Obama was appearing. Sounds like something done in high school. He certainly has not matured since high school. He suffers from retarded emotional growth. Makes him less qualified for POTUS.

  2. Two things. One is Romney has to keep the ‘base’, i.e. tea party happy so saying crazy things is common place and acceptable.
    Also the crazy things keep smiles on the rich crazy people who will then hand over bags of money not to elect Romney but to get rid of Obama.
    Secondly, it’s starting to have a negative effect Nationally. Even without the media (which they SHOULD be doing) asking, people are saying – ‘Wait. That’s not right’ re: most of what Romney says.
    So while keeping the far right happy, he is beginning to lose the middle.

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