Wisconsin Voters are Going to the Polls

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎Today is the day. Wisconsin voters are going to the polls to decide if they will recall Scott Walker, his Lt. Governor and 4 State Senators. All the polls have either favored Walker getting re-elected or have been a dead-heat, most were within the margin of error for polls though. The expected turnout is huge rivaling the 2008 election turnout in Wisconsin. Walker through his corporate buddies has spent huge amounts of cash trying to keep his seat. So this is the first big test of Citizens United versus the 99 percent. My fingers are crossed.

But, there is rays of hope in all of this despite the fact that big money has been pouring into Walker and Wisconsin. If the polls prove to be true one could say that the money won, and that would be true at least in part. But, it also suggests that despite literally buckets upon buckets of high dollars from rich old white guys, like the Koch Brothers (and a rich old white woman or two) has to be massive in nature to buy an election.

I’m not saying that this is a good thing, but it doesn’t bode entirely well for all those rich old white guys who are dumping huge amounts of their monies into political campaigns if they have to spend untold millions on one state campaign just to keep one of their pocket people in office. If Scott Walker were a business they would have dumped him a long time ago, as being too costly and unprofitable.

But, they believe if they can buy this election they will have a leg up on not only defeating Barack Obama but busting Unions all over the nation and therefore realizing what they have, (excuse my French here, ‘wet dreams’ over every night (well considering that they can even still have those things at their age) which is to turn this nation into a fascist plutocracy run by their hand-picked underlings for their benefit and edification.

The scenario is set for that to happen, but there are cogs that may yet get broken in that wheel they have constructed to carry them to glory. If Walker gets re-elected that would be a definite good thing for their side, despite the fact they had to dump a lot of cash to make that happen, but if he loses just one of the senators on recall with him he loses the state senate and his job of dismantling Wisconsin’s Unions an sticking it to the people of Wisconsin would be next to impossible. Of course, it wouldn’t undo the damage he has already done.

Wisconsin’s election today is important for many reasons. What it will say about the future of elections is a lot. It is the bell-weather for Citizens United and whether or not it will be able to change the dynamics of elections in this country in a way that will spell an end to our experiment in democracy. And whether or not throwing tons of money at state-wide elections will translate into something on a national scale.

When you look at the numbers some $30 million dollars have been poured into Wisconsin for Walker. Translate that into the presidential election and we are talking about untold billions. At what point do these people look at their bottom line an begin to realize they are not getting a very good bang for their buck. And if they don’t have anyone to purchase what they are selling where are they going to get more money from?

You can destroy the middle class like they want to do and put the vast majority of our citizens into poverty, but at some point you have to realize that when you do that you now have to find someone who can afford to buy what you are selling. The reason our nation has always been so successful is that visionaries like Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt realized that the more people you pull out of poverty the more money is available to buy what corporations and rich old white guys are selling.

Destroying our system makes no sense at all. What Unions do for workers is to give them more purchasing power in the marketplace. The same marketplace these rich old white guys made and make their billions in and how did they make their billions?

By selling their goods and products to people who could afford to buy them, because they had a good job and purchasing power. And who were the people who could buy their goods? Workers who had fair pay and good benefits! And who were those workers? Union members! Duh!

Forest Gump was on to something when he said, “Stupid is as stupid does!” Duh!” —– Bob Bearden


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