Recall in Wisconsin Too Close to Call

by Bob Murl Bearden
‎Less than one day until the recall election in Wisconsin. It is too close to call, although all the polls so far have given a slight lead to Scott Walker. It will probably come down to which side gets out the vote. Wisconsinites have came a long way towards taking back their state, but Scott Walker and his billionaire buddies the like of the Koch Brothers, Et .Al., have been pouring money by the bucket full into the election trying to buy with money what shouldn’t be for sale at any price.

This is the first real test of what Citizen’s United can or can not do. It may well be a harbinger of the general election to come as to whether or not a bunch of rich old white guys can muster up enough millions to buy this nation and its citizens. Frankly, there is a very real distinct possib…ility that they can. And you can bet that if they win, even by the thinnest of margins they will take to the general election the lesson that if you throw enough money into the mix the mix gets cooked in favor of the money.

If the big bucks being thrown into this year’s election wins the day our nation and its citizens are going to be in for some really tough times. There’s a lot riding on Wisconsin and that includes, the rights of women, the rights of minorities, the rights of students to vote, the rights of workers to bargain collectively. Wisconsin was the birthplace of collective bargaining for public employees. But, it also spawned ‘Tail Gunner’ Joe McCarthy that alcoholic red-baiter who saw a communist behind every tree and on every street corner.

It won’t be over if Scott Walker wins, but it will make the road to change much more difficult and it will spawn copycat candidates all over the map. It will inspire a lot more rich old white guys to believe that if they throw enough money at an election they will get the results they want. This election matters, make no mistake about it. It’s not just about Wisconsin, it’s about the nation and its citizens and what direction our country will take in the next few years.

It’s about whether we will have representative government that reflects what the people want and not what a few old white guys would like for us to have. It’s about control and whether or not we continue to give more to those who already have much or whether not we learn to follow the teachings of that simple Jewish Rabbi and help those who have little have a better life, and help our nation and its citizens finally as Dr. King said, “Live up to our creed, that all are created equal!” It’s about working together for the common good and the general welfare. It’s not about, nor should it ever be about giving more to those who already have too much.”

We are a nation that believes in promoting the common good and this election is about whether that means anything to our people! —– Bob Bearden



  1. When all the votes are counted Walker will wins by a large margin. Nobody likes their cheese moved but I appreciate a politician that takes the road less traveled and makes the hard decisions. They are not popular but then again is having to go to the gym for a year to work off the extra 50 pounds you’ve been carrying for a few years popular?


  2. It was a parallel to the action the Scott Walker has taken in office to the the book “Who moved my cheese”. Basically nobody likes tough painful choices in life even if it ultimately makes things better.

    Here is the youtube link to the audiobook. It’s about 5 minutes long.

      1. Well results are in….and once again the media whiffed the home run. Seems like common sense will live at least on more day. Scott Walker 61%

        Not sure where the Presidential Election will wind up, the long term direction of our country depends on a correct choice of two not so really great candidates.

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