68th Anniversary of D-Day

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎Today is the 68th Anniversary of D-Day, the day that the Allies began to see the possibility of victory in World War II. It became known as the longest day, because victory was not assured until nearly nightfall. Last night there was another D-Day of sorts. In this D-Day victory was assured. Scott Walker retained his governorship in Wisconsin and in doing so sent a message across the country that Citizens United is alive and doing exactly what it was intended to do, which was to take away an individual citizen’s rights and hand it over to the corporate world.

Maybe that’s a harsh assessment, but maybe not. Walker’s ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy worked in Wisconsin and it worked because outside interests poured in $45 million plus dollars into making it work. Polls all show that people don’t like misleading negative campaign advertising, but they lie, because time after time it is proven to work. It worked very well in Wisconsin. The ads projected lie after lie. They were very negative in content and they drew out people who voted to retain Walker in office. So don’t believe it when you hear someone say they hate negative campaigning. They only hate it when it is against someone whom they support. If it is against the other candidate, well it isn’t negative it’s true therefore they like it.

Thanks to Citizens United and the Tea Party we have become a nation divided. We can’t agree on anything anymore and now that the Tea Party controls the GOP it isn’t likely that we will ever be able to heal our fractured nation. Politics on the right have become one way and one way only. Never agree to anything the other side wants. Say no. No works. It’s like the kid with the football in the neighborhood playground, you either let him have his way or he’ll take his football and go home.

Majority rules right? Well no it doesn’t rule anymore. We have allowed our politicians and their rich backers which are actually a small minority to trump the majority. Instead of 51 votes in the United States Senate it now takes 60 votes to pass any legislation. Minority rules! One senator can stop any presidential appointment they want to. Minority rules!

And we the people go along with it because it more important to people to be against a single issue than it is to fix our economy. We vote our prejudices not our economic well-being.

We judge people on the color of their skin. We judge people on their sexual orientation. We judge people on their gender. We don’t judge people on the content of their character. Whoa you say, that’s not true! But it is. If we judged people strictly on the content of their character and not on who they were or what they were we would have kicked 95 percent of all the politicians out of office by now.

When will we ever learn? Politicians stay in office by ‘dividing us and conquering us’. They play upon our prejudices, our hatreds, our dislikes and our fears. And we let them. We don’t elect good conservatives to office who care about our nation and its people. We don’t elect good liberals to office who care about our nation and its people. We elect politicians who pander to our worst fears and prejudices. We don’t elect them because they share our values, we elect them because they share our likes and dislikes, our fears and our hatreds.

When will we ever learn? I’m beginning to believe we will never learn! I’m beginning to believe that we care more about protecting our fears and our prejudices than we do standing up for what is right! I’m beginning to believe that we care more about who gets voted off the island or wins ‘Dancing With The Stars’ than we do about what happens to our nation and its people! That’s very scary!” —– Bob Bearden


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