Michelle Bachmann Phenomenon, Renaissance, Taxes, and Serfs


 Why not hate the Renaissance? Why love it? Some politicians these days don’t care too much for the re-birth of Europe (1330-1550) Some like Bachmann even say that today’s problems in the US can be traced directly back to the Renaissance. Others say maybe these folks have read too much Francis Schaeffer.

“A number of Christian leaders, authors, and evangelists credit Schaeffer’s ideas with helping spark the rise of the Christian Right in the United States and were strongly influenced by him. Among them are Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, Focus on the Family‘s James Dobson, the 700 Club‘s Pat Robertson, Prison Fellowship‘s Charles Colson, columnist Cal Thomas, preacher and author Tim LaHaye, former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Liberty University and Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell.” — Wiki

Medieval Taxing

Let us bring everything including religious beliefs into the realm of power and taxes. Here’s a…

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