Dueling Banjos? No Dueling Economics! Mitt has an Economic Plan

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎Dueling banjos? No dueling economics! Mitt has an economic plan, but like all of his plans it is fluid and remains largely undeveloped and vague. Barack, on the other hand, has offered a clear and present economics plan. Trashed by the Republicans especially those in the House who tout the Ryan plan which would trash Medicare, Medicaid and destroy Social Security. Mitt, however, likes the Ryan Plan. He thinks Ryan is a genius, but we must, of course, consider the source.

The Republicans talk of job creators. And they scream and holler that the president doesn’t and hasn’t offered any plan to create jobs, even though he has sent at least two jobs creation plans to the House who ignored them and hollered they had received no plan from the president. To John ‘Tan and Tone America’ Boehner, a lie is as good as a mile. Notice how serious and suave he is when he begins his lies? So smooth that molasses it would not just trickle down his throat it would flow like Niagara Falls.

And what pray tell is a ‘job creator’? Well, that’s pretty vague too. Mitt claims to be a ‘job creator’ when he was at Bain Capital, but the evidence is that he fired a lot more people than he hired while there. And the facts are that when he was Governor of Massachusetts the state went from 36 to 47 in job creation. Mitt doth lie through his teeth.

Now, Barack hasn’t been a world-beater in job creation, but there are 4 million people back to work since he took office than there was before. And the House rejected all the job creation bills he proposed. The auto bailout alone kept several million workers from losing their jobs and it is still creating jobs in the auto industry while we speak.

Economics? Mitt’s record stinks on job creation. It is really good on ending jobs, though. He does know how to do that. But, Mitt’s record stinks to high heaven (to quote from the old country song – ‘Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road’). He didn’t create jobs while at Bain. He fired people, which he has said he loves to do. He didn’t create jobs while he was governor of Massachusetts either his state went from bad to worse during his short tenure as governor.

What does Mitt do well? He changes his mind very well. Almost daily since he started his campaign for the White House. He flip flops very well on almost any and every issue that comes up. He thinks that the trees in Michigan are just the right height as compared with the trees in all the other states. Do we know what the right height is? Well, we probably don’t since I’m sure Mitt would tell you that they are the right height whatever state he was in or he would allow that he didn’t remember saying that in the first place.

Mitt connects well with CEO’s, but when it comes to us common people he flops spectacularly. Of course when you’ve never had to sweat at a regular job for minimum pay or bare living wage pay anyone would have difficulty connecting to people who have to work that way every day of their lives. Of course we know from his words and actions that he doesn’t consider anyone who has had to work for a living and toil in a sweat shop or greasy spoon or a factory or fight a fire or catch a criminal or teach 3 dozens kids at the same time or deliver the mail in rain, sleet, hail or snow to be good people anyway, they are according to Mitt and his followers overpaid slackers not worthy.

Mitt has a lot to feel good about, as a bunch of cranky old white guys who never really worked much in their lives, save trying to figure out how to snooker us common folk out of our money and make them rich, are pouring their ill gotten gains into his campaign and trying to buy the election. Not because they want to save our nation and help the poor and disadvantaged. No, their motives are baser than that. They want to control everything and they want to put even more of our citizens on the poverty rolls.

This election is about control. It is about whether this nation or any nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all are created equal shall have a rebirth or shall it dive further into chaos and despair. It’s about whether a handful of cranky old white guys get to control and dictate every phase of our lives or whether we the people will be able to realize the dreams of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and finally rise up and say that the color of one’s skin matters little and that the content of one’s character matters much. Whether we will put more into the pockets of those who already have much or whether we will ensure that those among us who have little are able to have more.

It’s a battle in which the consequences of what is at stake are high. The direction we take may well decide whether we are a nation of laws directed toward forming a more perfect union or whether we become a national plutocracy and fall into the abyss of fascism!

This is an important election and one which we decide whether ‘American Idol, Survivor Wherever, and Dancing With The Stars’ are more important than what happens to our government and our citizens. We can stand on the sidelines and say it doesn’t matter and “My vote doesn’t count” or we can step, stand up, speak out and prove to those cranky old white guys that our vote is more important than the votes their money can buy!” —– Bob Bearden


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