‎On Tea Party Disclaimers

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The Tea Party issues disclaimer after disclaimer that they are not racist nor do they hate Obama because he is half-African American (my words not theirs), but then up jumps the devil. This time in Arkansas, home of Governor Orvel Faubus who tried to stop 9 African American kids from entering Little Rock Central High School, until President Eisenhower called out the National Guard to stop him.

Time and time again the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party has put a racist spin on their dislike of our President. They are continually claiming they are not bigoted or racist and yet, time after time the media outs them as guess what? – racists. Me thinks they protest too much!

We as a nation like to think we are past the days when racism ruled in the south and in a subtler form in a lot of northern states and in enclaves across America, who had racist, bigoted leanings and yet denied that they were racist. It didn’t wash then and it doesn’t wash now. You can couch it in whatever terms you wish to conceal it in, it is still racism. It is still bigotry.

The policies of this administration isn’t what drives the Tea Party and it isn’t what drives their adherents. But, racism and bigotry do. They deny it but it is still the driving force behind the Tea Party and behind the right-wing of the Republican Party and ultimately it is driving Mitt Romney and the Republicans campaign to regain the White House, hold on to the House of Representatives and take back the U.S. Senate.

They can deny it all they wish but it won’t change things. The Republican Party is more than 90 percent white, while the Democratic Party is much more diverse and inclusive. The Republicans can deny that they covertly exclude minorities but their ideas, their policies and their politics says otherwise.

The Republican Party is being fueled, funded and driven by a bunch of mostly cranky old white guys who want us to go back to the days of backdoor abortions; Jim Crow laws and when women stayed home and cooked meals, raised the kids and were second class citizens. To them those were the good ole days. When they kept the hayseeds down on the farm, women barefoot and pregnant and blacks, Hispanics and other minorities knew what the rules were and accepted them.

Essentially, what they want these cranky old white guys is to put certain groups of people back in the places they think they ought to be. Make second class citizens out of whole groups of our populace. You can read that in the way that you should. It is about making minorities, women, students, and seniors put back into the places that they occupied 50 years ago. It’s racist and bigoted in nature and design.

Those were not the good ole days, but the cranky old white guys are sore afraid that the world they have built for themselves is crumbling around them and that soon they will have no say or control over this nation and its citizens and they want no part of any scenario in which they will soon be in the minority.

Despite what a lot of the media are saying the Tea Party is largely White, largely bigoted and largely racist. They are bussed all over this nation by Americans for Prosperity and other front groups bankrolled and built up by cranky old white guys the like of the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey. They are told what to say and when to say it. They convinced enough Americans in 2010 that a lot of Tea Party fueled and funded candidates gained election to State Houses, Governorships and enough of them got elected to the House of Representatives to turn that body upside down and on end.

They can deny their racist roots all they want to, but it just doesn’t wash. They are what they are and they hate Barack Obama not because of his policies which have and are helping many Tea Party Adherents. They hate him for (as Henson Cargill said) ‘the shade of his skin’. They can deny it all they want but it won’t change how they truly feel and believe.” —– Bob Bearden


One thought on “‎On Tea Party Disclaimers

  1. I voted for Tom Bradley for governor of California in 1982, the year the Bradley Effect was born and named. I had voted for Ronald Reagan twice before and I would vote for Reagan again in 1984. I was a conservative Republican at the time, but I was impressed with Tom Bradley, the man. He had been a LA police officer and then he was a LA city councilman. In Santa Barbara, we watched the LA news and Bradley appeared most evenings on TV. He was quietly impressive. I voted for him and the polls said that he would win. I was greatly disappointed when he lost. The Bradley Effect lives on in American politics. In November, we will discover just how strong a force it is.

    P. S. Today June 15, 2012, on the TV show Hardball, there is a discussion of a doctoral thesis done at Harvard that concluded that the Bradley Effect in the 2008 election was between 3 and 5%. This was based on Google searches for racially motivated web sites by prospective voters. My own unscientific conclusion was Barack’s vote total was 5 to 10% lower than it should have been.

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