Giving Alms to the Rich: Cargo Cult

“Many people in the US still feel that the powerful rich are going to come through for them if they just give them enough time and money. In this view, like a cargo cult waiting for a boat or air shipment, the rich will eventually one day in glory show up present themselves and things will be okay fine again forever,” admitted an older and wiser Cinderella.

The reality is that the rich merely want masses of expendable low wage workers. They will buy any politician that will serf them. And if the US can’t give them serfs then, well, they find serfs elsewhere. 
Stripping the middle class of all it has worked for is wrong. The anachronistic wanting of America as it was is not as wonderful as it is presented on FOX News. Few alive today really remember how labor was treated not so long ago in America. Labor was nothing. We were a third world country. And in some places around the Nation, we still are (see example of slave labor today in Florida: the True Cost of Tomatoes)

“Most assume that the Republicans want to take us back to the 1950′s, but even going back to the 1850′s isn’t enough for them. They want a return to the Middle Ages — pre Age of Enlightenment and the Renaissance, when all this independent thinking stuff started—If you listen to the main “thinkers” behind all this right-wing Christian stuff, you find people like RJ Rushdooney, who literally wants Biblical Law to supersede Constitutional Law—it’s PROFOUNDLY anti-American, and it needs to be called out as such.” –Randi Rhodes


3 thoughts on “Giving Alms to the Rich: Cargo Cult

  1. The 99% will find their rewards in heaven if we serve the 1% here on earth. The nobility and the church used that argument for a thousand years to keep the serfs and slaves in their chains.

  2. The ‘labor’ movement was a HUGE part in helping America become a World leader in the 50’s and 60’s.
    But from the rank and file moderate Republicans to the extreme right, they seem to want labor, workers to be grateful to management, owners, the ‘job creators’.
    Indentured servitude.
    Our Nation is in disrepair.
    And that is what this election is about.
    Who is going to be in charge?
    The middle class workers/labor?
    Or corporations who won’t spend a dime unless they are assured a profit?
    Who’s Country is it?
    The peoples or corporations?

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