Vagina-gate: God was working with us

At the Comanche County Democrats fundraiser, Rep. Joe Dorman made it clear that the Pink Wave ( Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice ) is what made the house defeat that bill. Activism made it happen, and activism, coupled with righteousness, made it un-happen.

Also at the Comanche County Democratic fundraiser, Senator Constance N. Johnson said that God was with us. That’s why her hilarious Daily Show appearance hit the airwaves the week the bill was in the house and brought national and then Oklahoma attention to the absurdity of the legislation and the hypocrites supporting. It’s also why five other state leaders in five different states–people she never met–introduced similar amendments to obscene anti-abortion legislation at the same time. I’m going to go ahead and add Vagina-gate to God’s recent accomplishments in the lives of activists.

 The Pink Wave, Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – May 11, 2011
Participating organizations:
Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice
Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma
Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma
ACLU of Oklahoma
Reproductive Health Coalition
Trust Women PAC
Tulsa Reproductive Services
Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
National Advocates for Pregnant Women
Brennan Society of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women
Sally’s List


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