Obama Care ‎The Affordable Health Care Act

Romney on Health Care Reform

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The Affordable Health Care Act (Commonly known as Obama Care and why not?), survived a supreme court challenge swimmingly with the usual 5 to 4 decision that has come to be expected in America only this time it went to the left side of the aisle. As the Aussie’s would say “Good on Chief Justice John Roberts”. He stood up and was counted and in my estimation, his standing went up, way up.

It was a totally unexpected decision by the GOP and the far right. They were actually gloating on TV and in the media the night before and were salivating about the prospect of taking Obama down and with it his presidency and re-election. Today it is a whole other story.

The right wing media and the right wing bloggers and Fox News and company are mad as hell and they wish they didn’t have to take it anymore. Romney who was the original architect of ‘Obama Care’ while serving as Governor of Massachusetts says he will begin working from day one (if he is elected president) to repeal ‘The Affordable Health Care Act’. The person he detailed to write his bill said last night on TV she was flabbergasted over the fact that he is now saying he would essentially repeal the bill he originally authored (with her expert help). Wild isn’t it?

The glum right all the way from John ‘Tan and Tone America’ Boehner to Rush ‘Please Wash My Mouth Out With Soap’ Limbaugh to Sarah ‘Moose Killin’ Mom’ Palin had absolutely everything bad to say about this bill.

Rand Paul allowed that just because a couple of Justices said it was constitutional didn’t make it so. Because he allowed the supreme court didn’t have any say as to what was and what was not constitutional. Well, actually Senator Paul, yes it does. That’s what the supreme court does for a living – decide on the constitutionality of laws passed by congress and the states.

Bill O’Reilly the hale fellow well met that he is had vowed to call himself an idiot on his TV show if Obama Care was upheld, instead he took the night off. What a stand up guy he is. Rush Limbaugh first attacked Mitt Romney and then he went after the ruling itself and Justice Roberts, but so far he hasn’t made good on his pledge to leave the country if it was upheld. Gosh Rush, as poor as I am I will help you raise the money for a first class one way ticket to Costa Rica or wherever your hard little heart desires to land.

One GOP congresswoman was so ecstatic when she received the incorrect news from Fox News (who along with CNN originally reported the individual mandate and most of the bill had been struck down) that she was yelling and dancing and generally making a – well I won’t say ‘fool of herself’ – and then whoa suddenly her demeanor changed to chagrin at the news she had heard wrong.

Of course the right and their ‘bully boys’ of the air Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, et. al. will lead the charge to do away with The Affordable Health Care Act, because they hate it and the fact that it will allow another 30 million plus Americans to be ensured and have health care. They will be toting lies and falsehoods about the bill and we can probably expect to hear resurrected their old standard bromide ‘Death Panels’ at some point. I believe that Mitt will make it a cornerstone of his campaign to gain the White House this year. Of course Mitt has not actually cast any stones corner or other wise except at President Obama. It remains to be seen whether he actually any stones at all!

While ‘The Affordable Health Care Act’ isn’t the best bill that it could be, it is a huge step in the right direction and will start to begin to bring our nation into line with all of the other industrialized first world nations. It will help millions of our fellow citizens. It will help small business owners offer their employees an affordable heath care plan and it will save those of us who already have health care money by reducing our premiums and lowering costs for health care and health insurance.

It is a good thing for our nation and its citizens. Justice John Roberts you did good. You did the right thing and although I seldom have agreed with you in the past ,today I applaud you on your courage. While you aren’t yet in the league with our past great Chief Justices the like of John Marshall and Earl Warren, you have taken a long stride in their direction. Today is a ‘Red-Letter’ Day for the supreme court, for our nation and its citizens! It shows the world that we care about our people not just a few rich old white guys, but all of our citizens. Every single one!” —– Bob Bearden


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