CPAC Money Showing for President Obama May 31

According to Open, as of May 31, President Obama has pulled in a whopping $0 dollars from CPACs while Presidential hopefull, Mitt Romney, has chalked up to $766,853 in CPAC dough.  These numbers will change but my individual money, so to speak, is on the guy not drawing from a CPAC or two.

President Obama

Individual Contributions $254,686,011  (100%)
 -Small individual Contributions $109,557,183 (43%)
-Large individual Contributions $148,100,312 (58%)

PAC Contributions       $0  (0%)

Candidate self-financing  $0 (0%)

Federal Funds   $0  (0%)

Other $476,098 (0%)

Mitt Romney

PAC Contributions


Super PACs:

Accomplish Our Mission
America is Great PAC
Citizens for a Working America PAC
Republican Truth Squad
Restore Our Future
Special Operations for America
Texas Strategic Alliance PAC
Other committees:
These numbers were up to May 31, 2012. 

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