Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly Shock Overload Meltdown

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎It has finally happened the GOP and its surrogate mouth pieces, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly and company have went into shock overload. Their meltdown is not eminent it is assured. They have also shown their true colors. What they are really all about. And like Cleatus Maggard’s ‘Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road’ they are stinking to high heaven!

Not to mention the bringing down of one of the venerated houses of Congress the House of Representatives with their shameless political sham of a vote to censor this nation’s attorney-general Eric Holder. An exercise in crass political witchery. No one in the Republican Party of today has any integrity or statesmanship remaining within their veins. They are simply political hacks beholden to a group of cranky old white guys who not only want to rule our nation, but the world, forcing everyone back to the future; a return to those ‘golden days of yesteryear’ when racism and bigotry ruled supreme. Those days when women were forced into back allies with coat hangers for a doctor. Back when a bunch of cranky old white guys ruled the world.

Mitt Romney is so desperate to be elected president that he is willing to trash and deny the very same health care bill he helped craft, get passed and signed into law when he was governor of Massachusetts. He has flipped flopped on so many issues as to be to the point of denying he has denied. He has gotten so bad at changing his statements that he now can’t remember what he said hours before or whether he was for or against it then or now. He is making the Three Stooges look like rocket scientists.

He is the most vacuous crass political operator that has ever flip-flopped on the political scene. He would if asked deny that the moon is stilton. “With the Hopes that his World was built on he was utterly out of touch, He denied that the Moon was Stilton; He denied she was even Dutch; He denied that Wishes were Horses; He denied that a Pig had Wings; And he worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.” (With my apologies to Rudyard Kipling!

H. L. Mencken that old curmudgeon would be having a field day. His prediction is close to coming to fruition. A day when the people of this nation could well go to the polls and elect a complete idiot into the presidency. A man who truly would step outside put his finger to his lips and test which way the prevailing wind was coming from before he could or would make a decision. A decision that he would very likely decide against by early afternoon especially if one of his aides whispered in his ear that he had misspoke. He would then immediately deny he had ever made that decision in the first place and would say, “I don’t remember what I said, but I stand by what I said!”

It’s is a cruel world this morning if you are a member of the Party of No. The party which bragged on Wednesday that the striking down of Obama Care would be the final nail in coffin of the presidency of Barack Obama. They chortled over the fact that the supreme court would tear up every page and then along came Chief Justice John Roberts and their world came tumbling down. Oh woe is they!

And now because they were betrayed by Justice Roberts they have shown their true colors. They intend in whatever way they can to repeal Obama Care and put 30 million of their fellow citizens’ health at risk! What wondrous compassionate souls they are! Caring Christians who espouse family values and compassion for those who have so little? Not unless those poor souls can pony up a couple of cool million for their campaigns! Oh woe is they! And there they are this morning, with Obama Care now the law of the land, stinking to high heaven!” —– Bob Bearden


4 thoughts on “Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly Shock Overload Meltdown

  1. Did you see Jon Stewart ticking off Romney’s own ideas to replace health care reform with along side the very same provisions already IN the ACA? Too funny. I think someone needs to point out to him how much he actually agrees with Obama’s plans.

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