Michelle Malkin and Jim Inhofe: Global Warming

 by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The world is burning and melting down around us and still people like Michelle Malkin (whose family had to be evacuated in the Colorado Wildfires) and Jim Inhofe and most of the far right deny there is any such thing as global warming. It’s a hoax says Inhofe! Record temperatures across the nation and still denial.

All manner of evidence that it is not only happening but that over the past several years the rate by which it is happening has increased dramatically. Predictions from the latest study by a group of scientists says our planet could well be one vast waste land within 100 years if we don’t act soon and attempt to reverse the effects.

Mitt Romney for his part denies it also. He has as a part of his platform the relaxation of the ban on carbon dioxide emissions. But, then Mitt at some point denies everything he has stood for in the past.

He helped author the original Affordable Health Care Act while governor of Massachusetts but now has vowed to essentially kill the very act he authored. Stephen Colbert had it right on his program when he allowed that Romney Care had been upheld by the supreme court, because the Affordable Health Care Act is a mirror for the Universal Health Care Act passed into law in Massachusetts which by the way is alive and doing very well, despite what Mitt now says about it.

But, make no mistake about it the GOP, Mitt, Karl Rove and political pundits on the right, along with John Boehner and company intend to do everything in their power to do away with the Affordable Health Care Act. This despite facts to the contrary that except for the individual mandate provision the public by large numbers think most provisions of the act are needed.

Politics is no longer about what’s right for our nation and its citizens. It has essentially come down to a despicable and subtle form of bigotry, hatred and racism. Denied on the right by everyone and yet the evidence is clear as Joe King the South Carolina Congressman might say, “They lie!” And as Joseph Welch might add, “Have they no shame. At long last have they no shame?” No they don’t. Shame has nothing to do with it.

What it is all about is that we the people came out in 2008 and elected a decent, caring articulate half African-American as our president over a crabby rich old white guy. And those on the far-right and the people they control and seek to control don’t like it one bit, but they can’t just come out and attack our president because he is black. No that would immediately brand them as bigots and racists and spell their downfall. No their attacks have to be more subtle. They can’t just say what they are feeling and believing, so they find it necessary to pack their attacks with half-truths, lies and pure unadulterated hate.

Think about it, the primary people behind Romney. Behind the trashing of Chief Justice John Roberts. Behind the vile and vicious attack ads against the president are a bunch of crabby old white guys. Guys who believe that if we re-elect Barack Obama as our president their time will have passed. And it will have, in fact it already has come and passed. They are anachronisms on society, they just aren’t willing to face the facts and give up the ghost.

We as a nation and as a people should be; and in fact we must be, better citizens than the people we elect to office. Once the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, except for a few charlatans and an occasional rouge were among the most respected institutions in our nation. On a level with the Post Office. Now they are no more. The Party of No has brought down those venerated institutions to a level of disgust that is next to unbelievable.

The House of Representatives for a long time has not commanded much respect from the citizens of this nation, but over the past two years it has lost almost completely any respect it might have previously known. It’s poll number are now in the single digits, something that has never before happened!

Now the Democrats aren’t perfect but they have never stooped so low as to use the tactics now used by the Party of No in the House of Representatives. That place has become so partisan as to having difficulty passing even the most benign of bills into law. Bills that once passed through the House without more than minimal opposition. It makes no sense, except in the context of how polarized our nation’s lawmakers have become.

And through all of this runs a current of bigotry, that is barely under the surface. The Party of No now vote lock-step on every issue. And every issue that is raised in the House has a current of racism attached to it. And anything the president proposes it met with abject partisan ism. The president proposes and the Party of No says he hasn’t proposed anything to them. They take the absolute truth of a matter and profess it to be a lie.

It is a given that politicians of all stripes, parties and ideologues tell whoppers and exaggerates facts and issues, but the Party of No has taken lying to a new level. Even if they are on tape saying something that can be proven to be an out and out falsehood, the best they can muster up with is that they mispoke.

They deign never to admit that they lied. They just misspeak. Really? How’s that work? How when you know what you are saying is a lie can you not know that you are misspeaking? Well you cannot not know that you didn’t lie, but they adhere to the rule put forth by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda. Tell a lie long enough; and it through the perception of others becomes a truth of sorts.

The difference in Germany of the 30’s and America of today (at least up to this point in time and fortunately) is that in Germany when anyone dared call Goebbels, Hitler and his minions on the lie they conveniently disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Video: Global temperature anomalies, 1880 – 2011, posted by Global Issues, March 04, 2012

The problem is the media has become so controlled by a small number of guess who – mostly crabby rich old white guys, that even if what politicians say can be proven to be a lie any media outlet leaning in their direction will either ignore the facts and/or continue to spread the lie as if it were a truth or at the bare minimum gloss over it. And from there for millions of people the lie is now as good as the truth. People seldom bother to fact check what someone says anymore. And if it fits into their idea and beliefs then for them it becomes a fact that can’t be refuted by spelling out for them what the true facts are.

We are in the middle of a scary scenario, where lies are routinely passed off as facts and truths are what most people would like them to be no matter whether they are factual or not. We have a whole political party operating in a manner that allows for the spread and manufacture of pure fiction so as to convince millions of our citizens that even if it isn’t the truth that’s okay, believe it anyway!

American fascism is alive and well and it has invaded not only our nation but one of its most venerated political parties. A party that is being driven, these days by the deliberate spread of fear, hate and bigotry directed at primarily one man and his ideas and fueled by the fact that somehow we the people elected him president over their objections and whatever it will take to destroy him and this nation in the process is okay to do! Scary? Damnably so! —– Bob Bearden

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  1. Finally! If you believe that Obama will also furnish Four billion retooling tax credits and loan guarantees for staeside automobile plants and parts suppliers, so that the new fuel efficientautos can be made in the U.S. by American workers instead of overseas.

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