Affordable Health Care: Congressman Tom Cole Zombies Up

Tom Foolery from 2012

Rep. Paul Ryan can pull off tall tales extremely well. Read: (Rep. Ryan Repeats Zombie Lie that ACA Cut Medicare Spending, And George Stephanopoulos Lets Him Get Away With It)  Likewise, Tom Cole, current 4th District Congressman, Oklahoma, isn’t bad either as he parrots the meme.  Here’s what’s written by Cole in his scary press release: Cole Comments on Supreme Court Decision:

“The law (ACA) also cuts $500 billion from Medicare.” – Tom Cole

Cole must be wishing that Oklahomans will run and scream in horror on command but Crocks and Liars call this a Zombie Lie.  A Zombie Lie is: n. A false statement that keeps getting repeated no matter how often it has been refuted.  So lets refute it one more time but this time let’s refute it at Congressman Cole who keeps this lie moving somehow.  From Crocks and Liars:

“Medicare spending will continue to grow, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), but ACA will slow that growth. According to a report from the Kaiser Family Health Foundation over the next 10 years, the federal government will devote about $500 billion less to Medicare than it would have without ACA.”

“CMS says—and Kaiser agrees—that spending will be reduced by getting rid of fraud and ending overpayments to private insurance companies. It sends a message to those insurance companies: Operate more efficiently.
And instead of cuts, the CMS says they will be able to fund new benefits, including free preventive care and broader prescription coverage, including closing the “doughnut hole” affecting seniors.”

WILL BEACHEY Bismarck says “No $500 billion in Medicare cuts.”

One repeatedly hears the claim that the new health care reform law (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA) cuts senior Medicare benefits by $500 billion, and that it hurts health care providers. The facts contradict this claim.

Credible sources agree: zombies are indeed a nuisance so what’s the trouble with Congressman Cole? In his press release, “Cole Comments on Supreme Court Decision,”  Tom tells us more about himself than about the Affordable Health Care Act–he may just not be using good judgement.  Let’s repeat what Tom says and see if the scary rises from the dead again right now.  Here goes, ready, Tom says:

“Even before being fully implemented, Obamacare is already stifling new jobs and prompting physicians to drop patients. The law also cuts $500 billion from Medicare, jeopardizing care for senior citizens.”  –  Tom Cole


No, it didn’t work, Tom. Sorry. I’m not scared of the boogy-spin, other Oklahomans might be, though. Try them.

One more time at Oklahomans for Mr. Cole:  This Cole-ism: ” cuts $500 billion from Medicare, jeopardizing care for senior citizens” is not of the truth.  Yet like a sock puppet, Cole says it cuts $500 billion.  He’s still saying it.  So while zombies arise in the minds of Cole followers, what does CMS and the Kaiser Family Foundation have to say?

“CMS and the Kaiser Family Foundation tell ABC News that there will be no benefit cuts to Medicare. They say instead of Medicare’s being cut, there will be much …more spending at the end of a 10-year window, but it does slow the rate of that growth. This is all unless Congress makes drastic changes to Medicare, for example passing House Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan.”

Tom Foolery

Let’s not be too hard on Tom.  It’s plausible that a man, such as an important Congress person like himself, might not spend a whole heck of a lot of time writing press releases–that’s what the staff is paid for, right?  I bet a rogue staff member got in there and really mucked up that press release for the good Congressman.  Those guys must be a laugh a minute over there at the Norman Tom Cole office.  No?  Sadly, no, because this lie is right on target with the party line.

My question to Tom Cole is when will he stop the with the living dead act and become the representative Oklahoma needs?  It’s easy. Help him, somebody. I know he can do it. When a Paul Ryan prevarication starts to come out of Tom Cole have him stuff a rag in that mouth; or better yet,  just don’t zombie us up another lie.

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