On “A Bridge Too Far”

By Bob Bearden

“A Bridge Too Far”, was the story of an action in World War II, whereby the Allies over reached and were repelled, briefly by a German counterattack which was a last-ditch effort to stave off defeat and win one for Der Furher. It, of course, didn’t work and Germany capitulated on May 8, 1945.

Me thinks that John ‘Tan and Tone America’ and his gaggle of geese in the House of Representatives may have had just such a Kodak Moment. By trashing the agreement to extend the payroll tax cut for 160 million Americans and the unemployment benefits for millions who are currently unemployed, they overplayed their hand it is backfiring on them.

The anatomy of a stupid move: They figured since they had gotten this far no one would notice, but it didn’t work. They scoffed at the deal offered to extend the tax cuts for a full year and the unemployment benefits for 59 weeks (instead of the usual 99) saying they didn’t think we should be giving out any tax cuts (say what?). Then after they scuttled that deal they made a last-minute agreement, of which Johnny ‘Tan Me Forever’ Boehner crowed about how he stuck to the other side and got another victory for his side. But, whoa wait there’s more.

Seems his side the Tea Baggers didn’t quite agree with his Mary Poppins assessment; they were unhappy cause they preferred to Bah Hum Bug the unemployed and the millions of hard-working Americans who, God Rest Their Souls, weren’t part of the 1 percent the Tea Partiers had pledged to protect and they wanted no part of Ole Johnny’s super deal. Even if they got a year’s supply of coupons to Tan and Tone America. They preferred what was behind door three.

Suddenly, Johnny ‘Hamilton’ Boehner said well we don’t think two months is long enough (Remember this is the same guy who earlier said he didn’t want any tax cuts unless it was for the richest 1 percent) and again promptly scuttled the deal he had been crowing joyously about only a couple of days earlier.

It took them nearly 100 years, but they have brought back the Keystone Cops, its deja vu’ all over again! This has been the worst legislative session in the history of the United States and the fault rests squarely on the back of John Boehner and company.

In their zeal to defeat Barack Obama and get one of the most intelligent, thoughtful considerate men we have ever had in the White House (who is squeaky clean I might add) out of the Oval Office they punted hunkered down and overreached to the point of utter stupidity. It will be a Kodak moment as we watch how they try to step out of the manure they stepped in, in the zeal to defeat our president. It will be a joyous holiday season just watching as they try to save face and some of their jobs. I am looking forward to that pleasure.

We have seen an entire party make a complete fool of itself only because they can’t live with the fact that the American people have overwhelmingly elected a Black Man to the highest office in the land. They have gotten so caught in the race to put him out of office that they have become a caricature of themselves.

And their only hope now is that they can convince the public (which approved by a margin of 85 percent to 11 percent the continuing of the payroll tax cuts) to forget in the few short months they have until the election.

And speaking of the race for the White House they have shot their selves in the foot on that too. Ole Newty is becoming somewhat like the old Hank Thompson tear jerker song ‘Yesterday’s Girl’. And he is reduced to the public spectacle of begging his opponents to quit buying attack ads against him. And he got an a very special endorsement from a group that promotes adultery for everyone. Rock on Newty! Talk about the Ziegfeld Follies!

Boy howdy, wouldn’t Will Rogers have a field day if he were to come back? Ain’t life great or what?” —– Bob Bearden


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