Donna Bebo: Free Speech and Information Rally Lawton, OK, July 6, 2012.

Donna’s speech at the rally was perfect! Being involved in all of the things I’ve been involved in lately has confirmed a lot of suspicions I have about politics. I do believe we’ve convinced ourselves that the way to be successful in politics is to be shady as hell. You don’t even have to start out shady. If you campaign the way you’re taught to, you’re going to be spending the majority of your time kissing the buttcheeks of every rich person you can come into contact with. You will be surrounded by them, and they are the ones who are going to be telling you what your constituents want or should have. I’m sure they can be very convincing, and I’m sure with all the pressure to raise money and then to not let down all the people who have given you money and told you how great you are, it’s easy to become a little perverted. You have to “play the game,” you probably figure at some point when you’re voting yes on a bill to declare unwed mothers the devil or something But how long are we going to accept that? What possible good is that doing us?

Bebo is not going to play the game. The game isn’t set up for people like her who don’t have a lot of money or a lot of rich friends or any intention of taking PAC money. She’s our candidate. We have to do the work of getting her where she really needs to be, which is in Washington D.C. where she is also not going to play games.

If you’re going to give money to a campaign this year, you should give it to Bebo. Even if you weren’t you should because the money that she gets is going to be used to spread a message to as many people as we can that this is our government and we are responsible for making it work right.

There are some big progressive organizations who provide money for campaigns along with endorsements. They choose campaigns that are “good investments.” And the way they recognize a good investment is by seeing how much money the campaign has raised. How many rich people and friends of rich people the candidate knows. They want to know the candidate will win, and that’s how they can tell. I don’t think that’s a good way to value a candidate. I think we should value them according to what they will do for us when they are in office–according to how well they will serve us.

Your own investment of money and time in Bebo’s campaign will have an immediate payoff. Donna is interested in opening up discourse and spreading knowledge and getting people involved in their government. That’s why she was at this rally. That’s why she hosted the first ever Community Showcase. Her campaign is very much our campaign, and it is a great opportunity for us. She needs money to generate literature and other media and to travel. And she needs volunteers to help spread the word about her campaign and participate in campaign events.

– Teri McGrath


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