Tom Cole Voted Against Stimulus Then Asked Obama for Money

www.lordraj.comRepublicans Voting Against Stimulus Then Asked Obama for Money
By Alison Fitzgerald and Justin Blum – February 22, 2010 00:01 EST

“Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole opposed the stimulus a year ago, calling it a “recipe for disaster” instead of a road to recovery.

‘Catalyst’ for Jobs

In September, Cole sought funding for a grant to help develop an international trade center on a 2,700-acre industrial park, a project he called “a catalyst for the potential creation” of almost 30,000 jobs. “It is with pleasure that I write this letter in support of the Ardmore Development Authority,” Cole wrote. Cole didn’t comment on the request after a series of e-mails to his office.” 

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  1. It’s amazing isn’t it….this has happened to so many Republicans. They condemn the stimulus in public but then they go and ask for the money behind closed doors. The next thing you know they are holding photo ops at the projects it pays for as something they accomplished. I call that hypocrisy.

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