Bain Capitol Pants on Fire

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎”Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Who are we talking about? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Well, if you listen to Mitt and company they claim it is Barack who is lying. But that doesn’t wash with all the known facts. The Boston Globe story which broke yesterday has uncovered pretty clear evidence to refute the Mittster’s claim of not being fully engaged in the business of Bain Capitol and its subsidiary LifeLike until the end of 2002.

In fact, Mitt’s own sworn testimony in adjudicating his residency dispute when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 disputes his claims now not to have had any involvement with Bain Capitol after 1999. So it would seem to me at least, that the ‘Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire’ crown belongs to none other than Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney.

He is getting so good at the job of fabricating things I would suspect he can now have a career going from State Fair to State Fair and competing with other contestants in the Liar’s Club contests. Should be able to supplement his income quite well. Hands down he is pretty much the best of the best in that area. Never seen a politician who could hold a candle with him. And he does it all with a perfectly straight face.

As Joe Biden said at the NAACP Convention the other day, this election is about character and the character of one Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney doesn’t equate with his claims. He has flip-flopped on so many issues and backtracked on so many issues and subjects as to now make it difficult not only to know when and where he is telling the truth or whether or not even knows what the truth is.

He is a sad case. His father, George, was as a shining example of honesty and integrity as has been seen on the political stage in the 50 years. His mother was a great example as well. He says he learned his politics at their knees. Which makes one question his mind and memory and how far off the track he has fallen from the examples presented to him by his parents. One might wonder if they are not spinning in their graves at what a fabricator he has become.

Yes, this election is about character, about honesty and about integrity. On the one hand, we have a sitting president who while he isn’t perfect as a lot of honesty, integrity and a ton of character. On the other hand, we have a man who has contradicted not only himself on many occasions but his supporters and aides as well.

When it comes to character, integrity, and honesty hands down there is only one candidate who even qualifies in all three categories. That would be Barack Obama. As for Mitt any sane or even near sane person would on the face of his actions and statements of necessity need to question his honesty, his integrity, his character and maybe even his sanity.

I think he is so desperate to be president that he has lost sight of the principles taught to him by his parents. That’s too bad! George Romney while I didn’t always agree with his politics I knew to be an honorable person. Sorry, I can’t say the same thing about his son!

We certainly don’t need a president who can’t even keep his facts straight from one day to the next!” —– Bob Bearden


5 thoughts on “Bain Capitol Pants on Fire

    1. Progress or regress? This is the question. Many folks think Prestident Obama has not been the progress we’ve needed. Yet, I believe he represents progress on many levels that these folks are blind to. I do not know if he will be re-elected, I hope he does get re-elected. The world is changing in ways that I never thought it would, in my life time. I just do not see the Republicans being able to step up to the mission that our future leaders are faced with.

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