When You Post About Him ‘Not Being a US Citizen’

Warning-Political Rant Ahead!

Ok, so here’s the deal. I don’t care what political affiliation you side with, after candid talks with many people I’m convinced most people pick a title they were typically raised with and tenaciously cling to it so they can look like they ‘have conviction’ without knowing generally what the hell they even vote for. Where’s my proof? Spend a day looking up all the shit we’ve passed and allowed our elected to waste our taxpayer money on….then try and tell me you ‘know’ what we vote for. I’m not pro-Obama or anti-Obama. You don’t like to have him either, but when you post about him ‘not being a US Citizen’ and ‘we don’t know where he came from’; don’t get butthurt when I call you out as an ignorant, uneducated racist. I say this because most of the IDIOTS who claim this can’t tell me the name of an executive order he signed, a ‘law’ he passed or anything about his voting history to make sense, which means you have nothing valid so you present a straw man. The vast majority don’t even know shit about the healthcare bill, other than what their favorite puppet master told them, seriously, it’s over 2,200 pages–have you read it? I know someone’s belief system isn’t supposed to matter, but really? Would you support someone who thought mountains were actually earth pregnancy bumps growing aliens that will erupt spewing man-eating aliens all over to enslave those of us whom can work and eat the rest. The only way to ‘salvation’ is to be in shape? That guy would be in the nut house….but someone who believes in magic under-roos and getting his own planet….we’ll support that crazy belief. WTF?

So, I’m not in favor of VOTER ID, I am in strong favor of VOTER IQ. I think nobody should be allowed to cast a ballot unless they take a test quizzing them on the proposal or the candidate (verbal, written, braille..don’t care how it’s done). The fact is that all of us who want to bitch about the state of affairs we find ourselves in need to bitch in the mirror. We have voted and allowed every bit of this mess. So to all the people who can’t see past their affiliation–you are the problem. It should be illegal to post ads against an opposing candidate. Post ads about your history, what you think is wrong and how you intend to fix it. Post ads only containing the wording of the bill proposed, without one-sided commentary meant to sway. If people are to fuming–oops, fucking, not fuming– dumb to comprehend it, perhaps that person shouldn’t vote.

Kellina Vanpool


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