Long Awaited Paul Ryan Pick is Over

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The long awaited Romney pick for his Vice-Presidential running mate is over. Paul Ryan the far-right conservative architect of the Paul Ryan Budget proposal of last year is the guy. Romney allowed they were like two peas in a pod. How that is possible is beyond my comprehension, but with Mitt you tend to get weird pronouncements that make little or no sense on a regular basis.

Paul Ryan, you may remember is the guy who proposed gutting most of the social safety nets for poor and low income families and destroying Medicare and Social Security as we know it, and in the process giving huge tax cuts to the wealthiest among us. Hail fellow, well met that he is of course. Not someone who cares much about those on the lower end of the economic scale. His proposed budget would have added several trillion dollars to the federal deficit not to mention what it would have done to destroy the lives of millions of his fellow citizens.

Romney is ecstatic, the Democrats are ecstatic over his pick. The Republicans, well they are not so enthused. But, then most of the Republican base haven’t been particularly enthused with Mitt on almost any level since he became the heir apparent to the Republican nomination.

And why should they? He is all over the place. Standing for nothing and having nothing to stand for. He is the worst nominee in the history of the Republican Party. Loathed by many and hated by all. The Democrats are loving it. But, wait they should not become smug about Romney nor his chances.

Paul Ryan brings a lot of baggage to the ticket, but this year’s election isn’t about who’s running. It’s about Barack Obama and the fact that we somehow elected a president who is black. (Even though he is only part black). It’s not about the economy. It’s not about what Barack Obama has done or accomplished in his 3 plus years as president. It’s about bigotry and racism.

Whispered of course. Those who hate the fact that we have a black president can’t and won’t air their dirty bigotry and racism openly because it would reveal to the world who they are and what they stand for. But, make no mistake it’s about race and bigotry. It’s about hatred. It’s about fear.

The hatred and the fear and the bigotry are being fueled by a few cranky old white guys who believe their manhood and their lifestyle is at stake. They are afraid that the world as they have always known it has been invaded by diversity. They hate diversity. They prefer their country club segregated way of life. They prefer living in closed gated communities where only those whom believe like they do have entry or access. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party threatens that way of life and they want to cling to their bigoted ways as long as they possibly can.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan probably aren’t bigots or racists, but they want to get elected and they, especially Mitt Romney, will do and say anything to make that happen. It matters not to either of them whether or not it is true nor whether or not it will destroy the American Dream for millions of their fellow citizens. It’s not about saving our nation. It’s about getting elected. And if it takes playing footsy with a few cranky old white guys to make it happen, that’s okay.

The cranky old white guys, thanks to the onerous Five Supreme’s have been handed a way to make that victory happen. Those cranky old white guys are willing to pony up a sizable chunk of their ill-gotten gains to ensure that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get elected and more importantly Barack Obama is defeated.

These cranky old white guys want to take us back to what they consider the good old days. When women were mostly chattels and minorities were kept in their place with onerously bigoted laws and cranky old white guys ruled the day.

It makes no sense, but there it is. Plain and simple they hate the fact that this nation is fast living up to its creed – That all are created equal. They worry that soon Dr. King’s dream of a time when the content of one’s character will be more important that the color of one’s skin is fast approaching. They absolutely deplore that time coming and they are willing to do almost anything and toss almost any amount of money into the mix to keep that from happening.

Mitt Romney is a charlatan who has no convictions save one – That is get elected president of the United States. And like the guy in Stephen Vincent Benet’s ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster he his more than willing to sell his soul to make that happen. Paul Ryan is now his companion in the endeavor and if somehow they manage to stumble their way into the White House we are all in trouble.” —– Bob Bearden


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