Republican National Hurricane Isaac Convention

‎As possible hurricane Isaac heads towards Florida and perhaps a date with destiny in Tampa and the Republican National Convention; hurricane Akin has become a full-blown hurricane wreaking havoc all over the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.  The GOP leadership want him gone, but this category 5 plus hurricane will not go quietly into that good night.
Todd Akin, now claims he mispoke and that what he said isn’t out of context with the platform of the Republican Party.  And he’s right.  What he said is essentially what is contained in the Republican Party platform, but they were trying to keep that a secret hoping no one would notice outside of the rabid delegates preparing to head towards the coronation of Mitt Romney as not only their presidential candidate circa 2012 but the titular head of the Republican Party.
It’s a party split down the middle and starting to bleed out because Todd Akin exposed not only himself but the Republican hypocrisy on all the women’s issues the party of no has been quietly trying to sweep under the rug since the end of the party’s fractious primary season that saw one rabid right-wing presidential wanna be’s after the other take on Mitt Romney and fall short of besting him.
Romney jumped far to the right of any previous position he had ever held before in this quest to become the party’s presumptive heir to the throne.  He became in his own words, “An extreme conservative!”  This from a guy who once said he was more liberal than Ted Kennedy.
Hurricane Akin has exposed the true agenda of the Republican Party which as been trying to drift to the left in order to rope in Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Seniors and Women all voting segments they must get votes from if they are to prevail against President Obama on November 6.  Trouble with hurricanes is they don’t always take the direction you expect them to and hurricane Akin is no different.  Hurricane Akin has exposed the Republican Party’s drift to the left as simply a ruse to convince sufficient enough voters Hispanic, Black, Asian, Senior and Women that they weren’t the ‘extreme conservatives’ they had made themselves out to be during the primary season.
Ah, and they are livid that hurricane Akin has exposed their flank and they are doing everything in their power to destroy him before it is too late.  Not sure you can stop a category 5 plus hurricane.  Haven’t seen one derailed in my lifetime.
And if that wasn’t enough for them GOPers to worry about they may soon have hurricane Isaac bearing down upon them.  It is fast becoming a full-blown hurricane and at this point is headed straight for Tampa.  If it keeps on schedule it could well disrupt the Republican National Convention and chase the delegates away before they even get settled in.  I am not sure that the Republican National Committee would be too upset about that at this point, since hurricane Akin has already been wreaking havoc enough upon their delicate sensibilities.
As hurricanes go hurricane Akin is a doozie. Hurricane Isaac may yet over shadow Akin, but either way you slice it contending with 2 hurricanes in a row one after the other can’t spell any good news for the GOP!
I’m reminded of the old Christy Minstrel’s song about a habitual boozer lying in the gutter next to a pig.  When a high toned lady came walking by and sniffed, “You can tell a person who boozes, by the company he chooses.”  The pig got up an slowly walked away!  Maybe time for the GOP leadership to get up from hurricane Akin and walk away! Can’t be an easy thing for them of course, considering how deeply they have mired themselves in the mud next to Todd Akin!”     —–     Bob Bearden

One thought on “Republican National Hurricane Isaac Convention

  1. Akin made the mistake of verbalizing out loud the position of the republiCANTS. Ryan is a hypocrite for asking Akin to resign, when their plans are identical.

    Good post.

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