The Republican big moment in Tampa

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The Republican big moment in Tampa had to compete with Hurricane Isaac’s making landfall. There was a lot of testifying and soul wringing and hand searching (I know that sounds backward but it’s not) at the convention. The attack dogs were out in force and they even had a skit put on by a really odd Clint Eastwood who looked like his hair had been re-arranged by Hurricane Isaac.

Clint was supposed to be a comedic highlight of the convention with a nudging attack on an absent President Obama represented by an empty chair. Clint’s attempt at humor came off badly embarrassing even the GOP Delegates and it was so convoluted as to make Clint look forlorn and somewhat at a loss for coherent sentences to string together. Quite like a lot of the convention it didn’t make much sense at all.

The speeches were many and mostly directed at the GOPers main enemy Barack Obama. One speaker after the other attempted to paint him as out of touch and his presidency as a failed one, but nothing new in all of that. That has been the GOP theme since January 20, 2009. Whatever it takes to make him a one term president they will do.

Take the country to the brink of disaster and destroy the nation if necessary, just so long as Barack Obama isn’t president anymore. Nothing else matters. And if the facts get in the way, so what change them to suit the moment. And boy did Mitt and his running mate do that.

Facts were what they changed them to be. For the Republicans, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and company they aren’t interested in what the real facts are. One of Mitt’s henchmen and pollster said as much when he said, “We aren’t going to let the fact-checkers get in our way!”

Mitt and Paul made it apparent that they have given up on trying to get the minority vote. It’s midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and it will be their last chance ever to win without some segment of the minority vote. So they have abandoned any hope of winning the African American vote. One of the latest polls show Romney polled exactly zero among African American voters. He has lost the Latino vote despite Marco Rubio and the Grand Old Party of Lincoln has deliberately trashed the woman’s vote with its stance on contraception and rape.

Wild eyed right wing nuts like Todd Akin have driven women away from the GOP in droves and they just don’t seem to care. Mitt and company thinks that if they can get 61% of the white vote they can defeat Barack Obama and take back the Senate. They believe that the House is safely in the hands of the Republicans and nothing to worry about there. Their stragedy is essentially one used in the 50’s and 60’s south. Force Voter ID’s (read poll tax) on minorities to keep them from voting and work for a large turnout of the white vote. I won’t say it’s racist but it certainly was a strategy that worked well in the south and helped suppress the vote among minority voters.

I know that the dumping of millions upon millions of unaccounted for cash by a group of cranky old white guys lead by the Koch Brothers who are against everything from Mom to Apple Pie and oh yes, gays, lesbians, contraception, global warming and gun restrictions among a long list of things they hate, including first and foremost Barack Obama; is turning this election into a contest on whether or not the Democrats ‘ground game’ of boots on the ground out in the hinterlands can counter the literally billions of dollars these old white guys intend to dump into the campaign on the side of Mitt Romney.

As we draw closer to November 6 the ads will get more frequent and dirtier than any in known history. The bottom line is whether or not people will be willing to cut their own throats and vote for someone who will destroy any safety net they might be able to count on in their declining years or vote their pocket books and re-elect a president who has their back, one Barack Obama. Sadly, if Barack Obama was white there would be no contest at all. Racist? The GOP say no, but when you examine the facts nothing else makes sense!

It is and will be a watershed election and it’s not just about who controls congress and the white house, its about the course our nation and its citizens will be set on that matters and that is important. We have been in a downward spiral as a nation for the past ten years.

The tragedy of 9/11 was about the death of not only more than 3 thousand of our citizens, that’s true; but it is also about the death of a nation and its ideals and principles. Al Qaeda couldn’t have possibly envisioned what course 9/11 would put our nation on. They, accomplished a lot more than they ever planned or bargained for when they perpetrated their evil deed.

We are locked in a battle for the very conscience of our nation and its people. This election is about whether or not we will continue to be about we the people or whether or not we will become a modern day 21st Century fascist nation where the people are simply pawns in a huge reality chess game every aspect of which is controlled by a small amount of cranky old white guys who want us to go back to a time when this nation was a divided nation between the haves and the have not’s and the social strata was divided along economic and racial lines.

We the people must not let that happen. We fought the economic battle in the 30’s and 40’s and we won. We fought the racial battles in the 50’s and 60’s and we won. Going back isn’t an option and it should never be an option. These cranky old white guys need to let go and get with the program. It’s a new day and finally America is poised to live out its creed that all are created equal and that this is a nation founded on the ideals of participation by all in the running of the nation; not just a privileged few! We can’t let a few old men who are cranky and rich tell us how our nation should be run! But if we don’t sit up, wake up and get up it could happen!” —– Bob Bearden


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