Republican National Convention 2012: a spectacular extravaganza

by Bob Bearden

The Republican National Convention 2012 was a spectacular extravaganza. It had its bleep moments, but it was expertly run and they crowned their new king of the USA candidate, Mitt Romney. Mitt did himself proud and gave a great speech, but what was he thinking bringing on ‘Dirty Harry’ to precede him and steal his thunder? Not a Kodak moment to say the least for one of Hollywood’s Iconic Legends, Clint Eastwood.

That is unless you look at it in a different light. Was he being facetious or has he entered the early stages of dementia? He did the Super Bowl commercial where he came off as praising Barack Obama for the bail out of Detroit and in the process gave pause to the Republican Party that he might in fact be ready to endorse Barack Obama for a second term. They made light of it and tried to walk it back, but there it was.

Although he has officially endorsed Mitt Romney one wonders at what he was about with his ’empty chair’ rambling monologue? And the ’empty chair’ was a last minute not scripted request from Clint himself of which the person responsible for the chair thought he was going to use it to sit in. Was it simply a bad I’ve finally lost it moment from the ‘Man With No Name’ or was he being artfully dodgeful and subtly endorsing Barack Obama right in the ‘Lion’s Den’?

I know he is 82 years old and when you get past 80 dementia and senility can onset at almost any moment, but they guy was just on Letterman recently and seemed as ‘in the moment’ ‘with it’ coherent as I have ever seen him. So if he lost it perhaps it was the strain of having endorsed someone whom doesn’t totally agree with. Clint has backhandedly endorsed ‘same sex marriage’ with his explicative deleted “What the f**k does it matter who marries who!” He has long been ‘pro-choice’. And he was definitely in favor of the auto bail out.

So when you look at his moment in the sun in Tampa last Thursday, in the light of let me see what I can do to take away from Mitt’s shining moment it gives pause to what he might have really had in mind. If you really think about it he essentially told Mitt and company to go ‘f**k themselves, although he subtly attributed that to the absent ’empty chair’ Obama. Still it makes you wonder?

I have also loved Clint’s movies, especially the ones where he directed. He has always shown a since of knowledge and understanding of whatever subject he was addressing in his movies. He has often subtly suggested ideas and beliefs that wasn’t always square with his Republican colleagues. He has always seemed to get it and until now age doesn’t seem to have been an issue with Clint.

So I wonder, what his real intent was we may never know. Clint hasn’t always been forthcoming with plausible explanations as to his intentions on any subject. He has sometimes seemingly enjoyed allowing the audiences to make up their own minds and to what he meant. Clint has always been quite good at irony! So I choose my scenario, at least until we get a clear and succinct explanation from ole Rowdy from ‘Rawhide’!” —– Bob Bearden



  1. I’d forgotten about Rawhide and now I have that theme song in my head! Seriously, I thought Eastwood was pro-choice and approved on gay marriage. What is he doing at a Republican convention and endoring Mitt?

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