White House is essentially tied. Now it’s up to the voters.

by Bob Bearden

Now it’s up to the voters. The pundits say most voters have already made up their minds about whom they will vote for and that only a small segment of registered voters remain undecided. The latest poll released today shows the race for the White House is essentially tied. Of course most pundits expect a small bump for Obama when the next poll taken after the end of the Democratic National Convention is released.

The directions of where each candidate wants to take us is clear. They have very different visions of where they want America to go over the next four years. So will it be about whom can effectively mobilize their base and get out the vote? Or will it all come down to massive amounts of money poured into the campaign on one side by a bunch of cranky old white guys who are sore afraid of losing their grip on the controls of this nation’s politicians that they are franticly pumping millions upon millions of their personal fortunes into the campaign in an effort to elect Mitt Romney? Only time will tell.

Mitt for his part is glad-handing these old white guys because he believes pretty much like they do and of course he considers himself one of them. Which of course he is. He is a rich old white guy. Not that being a rich old white guy is necessarily a bad thing. Or least it shouldn’t be. Warren Buffet is a rich old white guy who cares and who most people admire and respect. Bill Gates is coming into that category even as I write this and he and his wife have done wonders for the poor and disadvantaged.

So do I hate rich old white guys? No, I have never hated anyone particularly rich, old or otherwise. I have vehemently disagreed with some of those types from time to time. I have cautioned that they for the most part have their own best interests in mind and that they tend to promote their ideas, thoughts and agenda ahead of anyone else’s. And that their ideas, thoughts and agendas aren’t always nor seldom good for this nation and its citizens. But, I don’t hate them. Neither do I envy them either.

I long ago came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to wind up as a cranky rich old white guy. H.L. Hunt the Texas/Louisiana Oil Millionaire owner of Hunt’s Food convinced me of that as a teenager with his vile racist screed on his radio program. If I have ever needed an infusion of keeping my feet planted firmly on the ground of not wanting to be rich, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and the likes of Ronald Reagan convinced me not to envy the rich or the rich and famous.

I have always admired anyone who did what was right for this nation and its citizens. Anyone who tried to do what they could to help those less fortunate. And admired them even if they were rich. That list includes a number of good people – Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt; John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Ted Kennedy and of course Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Being rich doesn’t necessarily mean you are bad and I have never thought all rich people were bad. But, there are those whom I have came to dislike (not hate) for what they have did, have done and are trying to do to America and its citizens. The Koch Brothers Rupert Murdoch, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are rich people I do not admire. And it has nothing to do with how much money they have. It has to do with their vision of America. It is that on which I disagree with them.

They want to take away certain people’s right to vote. They want to put women back into the dark ages. They want to take away workers right to organize and collectively bargain together. They want to take away the safety net we have built up over the past 75 years for our seniors and let them fend for themselves.

Their vision is a vision of where this nation will not follow its creed set forth in the Preamble of the Constitution. Their vision is one of no sacrifice for themselves and others like them but sacrifice and hardship for everyone else. Their vision is that our nation has no obligation to help those who cannot help themselves. I disagree with that vehemently and totally!

They want to take our nation down the path of Fascism where corporate power is the controlling entity of our nation’s government and where ordinary citizens have little or no say in how the government is run. That vision is at odds with what the founders of this nation envisioned for our nation and its citizens.

They would have us believe that the Preamble to our Constitution has no meaning. They want not a government of the people, for the people and by the people, but a government of, for and by corporate fiefdom; controlled by a few cranky rich old white guys and their minions of elected and bought citizens who will listen only to what they tell them and do only what they are told.

This election the choice is clear. On the right we have a candidate who owes his candidacy to the company or more rightly said to the corporate store. He is ready and willing to do their bidding and he is ready and willing to dismantle and destroy any remaining rights we the people enjoy in favor of giving super-rights to corporations. He believes that corporations are people and that they have been endowed with super-rights and super-powers that allow them to dictate to the many what the few want for them.

On the left we have a candidate who still believes in the Preamble to our Constitution, which says, “We the people, In order to form a more perfect union, Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, Provide for the common defense, Promote the general welfare and Secure the blessings of liberty To ourselves and our posterity
Do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” He believes in the right of everyone to vote without encumbrances. He believes in the right of workers to organize and collectively bargain. He believes in the right of our seniors to have a safe, healthy and secure retirement. He believes that every citizen has certain unalienable rights guaranteed to them by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of our United States.

Unfortunately, the other side believes that you are only entitled to rights if you believe as they do. They believe that we should all cede our rights and freedoms so that a few cranky rich old white guys can control the seat of our power and dictate to those politicians whom they have bought and paid for what rights and freedoms we the 99 percent will have.

That is the choice we have on November 6, 2012. How we vote will determine down which path our nation and its citizens will go. I can only hope that we choose the path that keeps to the vision our founders had when they laid out the guidelines for this grand experiment in mixing socialism and democracy. It has worked very well for the past 236 years. Let’s vote to keep it going!” —– Bob Bearden


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