Now Thanks to Mitt Romney

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎You know I have always felt like I was mired in poverty despite being told that people in my income bracket were part of the middle class. Now thanks to Mitt Romney I know that I was right in feeling poorly. He stated today in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that people who were considered to be middle income Americans fell in the $200,000 to $250,000 dollar range in income. Makes sense to me.

Especially when I think of how hard it has been for me and my family all these years of struggling along on my piddly income ranging from $25,000 to a top of $60,000 just before I retired from my job as Vice-President of my local. Who knew? My struggles were for naught. Given Mitt’s razor sharp mind I was mired in poverty for lo these many years with no expectations of ever reaching that comfort zone of being a middle income American.

Geez, Louise, Mitt has suddenly increased the poverty rolls by what 100 percent or more? No wonder President Obama has had a hard time getting this country back on its feet. There’s a lot of poor people out there more than we have ever realized. Me among them. And all the time I had thought I was doing pretty good for myself. Little I knew.

Wow! Mitt brainiac that he be just solved the mystery of what’s wrong with America. We are mostly poor. What a wonder kind be Mitt. Actually several other words leap to my mind but will keep them to myself.

Misspeak carried to the highest level. There has to be a place for dumb pronouncements. If there is Mitt will be number one with a bullet! He has had a good week in that department and a bad week in the presidential sweepstakes. In the press conference where he accused the president of siding with the attackers at the American Consulate in Libya he resembled a deer caught in the headlights when he tried to articulate his attack.

He bumbled and fumbled and then punted out into the ether coming up short of the goal posts and even drew the ire of some of his stalwart backers in his own party. But, he soldiered on with his double down and then triple down on his statement. Not a lot of bright lights apparently running his campaign. You wonder who’s in charge that they would let their candidate crawl out on a limb and then proceed to saw it off behind him.

Mitt as a candidate is a strange cat. He seems lost and without a clue most of the time. He flails about for a path to take and then stumbles badly down it. And when he is trying to sound presidential he comes across as a bad actor mouthing his lines without any feeling for the part he is supposed to play. When he tries to be an everyday Joe is when you know he hasn’t a clue as to what everyday ordinary people are like. He would be funny except he is a serious contender for the top job in the world and that should scare the hell out of us all.

Like my mother said,

“Ronald Reagan as an actor wasn’t particularly good at it; but as president he was a great actor!”

Mitt fails miserably at being presidential. He fails badly at even running for president. He comes across as just who he is: A cranky old rich white guy who knows absolutely nothing about what America is all about nor how it works.

Mitt probably is not a bad person. But, he is like most privileged Americans who have never known hardship or poverty first hand. They tend to believe and think that people who are poor are lazy, shiftless and not deserving. Mitt doesn’t understand America or its people and that is why his advisors and staff can’t effectively make a case for him being president.

He is simply out of his element. He wants to be president and thinks because he is a rich old white guy who knew how to make money outsourcing jobs he deserves the position. Well, as Molly always told Fibber McGee, “Tain’t so McGee!” —– Bob Bearden


2 thoughts on “Now Thanks to Mitt Romney

  1. When you make the kind of money Romney does of course the middle class makes at least $200,000! I’m surprised he didn’t say a higher number! Nice post.

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