Romney’s Post-Convention Bump

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎For Romney there was no post-convention bump. For Obama there was a slight bump of 4 to 5 points, but nothing spectacular. But, the election isn’t and shouldn’t be about convention bumps in popularity. In terms of popularity Obama wins hands down in almost every poll. So why is the election still to close to call?

The answer lies in what most pundits and pollsters and almost anybody doesn’t want to speak about. The race card. This election is pointing out to America and its citizens that more than 40 years since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., racism, bigotry and prejudice are still with us and they are a diving force in this election even if no one wants to discuss them. Even if no one wants to acknowledge the role that prejudice, bigotry and race are playing in the race for the White House.

Obama’s favor ability factor is high when polls are taken about who you personally like or dislike. Pretty much every poll out there taken on the terms of his like ability as a person show that President Obama is personally liked by a large segment of our society and yet when the polls look at likely voters, that goes away and the ugly specter of racism, prejudice and bigotry rears their ugly heads.

There are so many people who leap to criticize the President. Saying he hasn’t done enough. Saying he hasn’t accomplished anything in 3 plus years, while carefully overlooking the fact that he authorized and helped plan the raid that took out Osama bin Laden. Over look the success of his orchestrated bail-out of the auto industry. They carp at his signature legislation the Affordable Care Act which almost all accountability agencies say will save millions upon millions of dollars when it fully takes affect and save innumerable lives of our fellow citizens, while giving almost everyone who is a citizen of this nation a chance at health care they can afford.

Many people still pass on emails contending that President Obama is not a citizen. That he is a Muslim and accusing him of things that are borderline treasonous, all without one ounce of proof and any facts to back up the accusations they are passing around. The reason for that? Because they can’t and/or won’t reveal the real reason they hate him so. It’s their bias, their prejudice, their bigotry against him because he is black. They can deny it all the want but it lays behind everything they do and say.

Their hatred of him knows no bounds of civility. And it has no rational meaning unless you understand that it is not about his policies or what he has or hasn’t accomplished as our president. Their hatred of him has no basis in rational thinking. It is often palatable and vile in nature. If you accuse them of bigotry or racism they immediately go from attacking Obama to attacking you personally.

Why? Because they are sore afraid that you will reveal them for the racists and bigots that they are and the fact is they can’t rationally explain why they hate our president for reasons that would make sense and be understandable.

So they pass around information they know is false, but it serves to ease their fears and hide their prejudices and hatred and protects them from having to confront their inner self which might destroy the cocoon they have built for themselves on the issue of racism and bigotry. They salve their consciences with stories denigrating President Obama and in doing they can safely deny that they are still harboring racist, bigotry thoughts and feelings.

The Right and the Party of No plays to their hatreds, their fears and feeds their egos because their stated purpose is to regain the White House and how they do it doesn’t matter. We have a political party in which a large number of its leaders are willing to destroy this nation and bankrupt its citizens just to gain control of the government so they can destroy it too! What kind of a patriot would do that? Not my kind. Not the kind that I served with in the Air Force. Not the kind my great-grandfather Everist fought with and for in the Civil War.

Someone once said, “Patriotism is the last refugee of a scoundrel!” There seems to be a lot racist, bigoted scoundrels out there trying desperately to hide their hatred, racist, bigoted ways by wrapping themselves in the flag and pretending to be patriots. We need to say no to them. We need to teach them about Mohandas Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth who preached love over hate and peace over war. Hatred, fear and bigotry should not be allowed to have domain in our nation over love and compassion!” —– Bob Bearden


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