Is the Party of No Not Forward Toward the Future?

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎It is clear now as never before that the Party of No, at least those in control of the party strings, are moving backwards in time not forward towards the future. They have become the deniers of everything. Anything associated with reality and the progression of humankind is verboten. They attack the science of global warming.

They don’t believe in global warming even though the overwhelming evidence is clear that the Arctic ice is melting much faster than it was just a few short years ago. That the planet is warming yearly.

They want to push women back into the 19th and 20th Century when they couldn’t vote and had almost no control over their own bodies. They want to destroy affirmation action. They intend for our nation to become a one theology nation, much like the nations our ancestors came from to avoid being burned at the stake and ostracized because their beliefs didn’t coincide with that of the state sponsored religion.

They want us to become chattels of the corporate world. They prefer the ‘Robber Barons’ type of nation of the 19th Century to a free and vibrant nation where everyone has a chance and an opportunity to rise above poverty. They want to destroy the middle class and the vehicle which fueled the rise of the middle class – Labor Unions.

They ostracize and malign our nation’s teachers. They want to restrict their right to bargain collectively and they want to scrap and destroy public schools in favor of ‘charter schools’ and a voucher system which would be tantamount to re-segregating our education system.

They would destroy Social Security and Medicare and in doing so place millions of their fellow citizens’ health and well-being in jeopardy. But they don’t care about that. Their quest is to create a state in which ordinary citizens will have no say and all will be beholden to the corporation state. A fascist state in which those in charge would be controlled by those in the corporate world.

They would put our most precious resource our children at jeopardy. They would kill the student loan program forcing millions of our best and brightest to have no avenue to a college degree. Thus destroying another one of our main building blocks to progress.

They have such loathing for our current president that their very methods belie their hatred. His sin? Being a man of color. Oh, they dance around the subject of race and bigotry, but nothing else fits in the square slot they have built around their hatred of him and who he is and what he stands for and believes in. They deny the race card vehemently but it is the very thing that drives them. They are so intent in denying him a second term that they would allow this nation and its citizens to be destroyed so long as it meant that Barack Obama would not be re-elected.

It can’t be true many people deny. They wince at being called racist and bigots and yet they continue to buy into the Tea Party line that our president isn’t an American citizen. The outrage of the ‘Birther’ lie is that it is totally racist in nature and by design and yet millions of our citizens buy it without a second thought that they have become pawns in race baiting and bigotry.

They scoff at what is happening to our nation with the denial of the right to vote to millions of our citizens with these outrageous and totally unnecessary Voter ID laws. They can’t see that these voter laws are designed to restrict the poor and disadvantaged, students and minorities from voting. It’s called buying an election.

They are desperate to buy the election for one simple reason Barack Obama is black. If he were white I would not be writing this. Barack Obama would be ahead in the polls by double digits. They will deny this and they will cry loudly and again and again that they are not bigoted but it just won’t wash. For if they are not bigoted then there is no reason to hate Barack Obama. He has done more to restore civility and sanity and reason to this nation than any president since Franklin Roosevelt.

All of his actions have been designed to put this nation back to work. And all of his actions has been stopped short by a party that has no conscience nor feeling for the citizens they represent. A party that refuses to do the right thing. It is a party who should be ashamed of itself and ashamed of destroying its own proud legacy. A legacy created and enhanced by Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and others like Robert La Follette, Robert Taft and Dwight David Eisenhower.

They should be sorely ashamed of what their party has become. A haven for ‘Sunshine Patriots’ and embodied with a lack of conscience to do right by this nation and its citizens. All of its citizens not just a privileged few! This election is about what is right and fair, it’s not about making a few cranky rich old white guys realize their dreams to control this nation and its citizens!” —– Bob Bearden


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