Mitt is at it again

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎Mitt is at it again. His mouth runneth over and he hath planted his foot in said mouth firmly. As Ronald Reagan would say, “There you go again Mitt!” So 47% of the people don’t mean spit to Mitt! You know a lot of that 47% are old white guys and so Mitt has just trashed another segment of our society.

And just because most of the 47% don’t pay any income taxes doesn’t mean they don’t pay taxes, but Mitt as usual hasn’t a clue about the poor and disadvantaged or those on fixed and low incomes. He’s totally clueless about half of the American citizenry. They may not pay income taxes, but oh yeah, they pay taxes. They pay a lot of taxes, but Mitt probably wouldn’t know because the kind of taxes they pay he probably hasn’t had to pay much of. Tax exemptions that’s another perk for

the ultra-rich. They don’t pay a lot of regressive taxes, that’s what they pay their accountants for.

Let’s see Mitt has now written off women, minorities, students, Hispanics, African Americans, seniors and 47% of the nation as a whole. What’s left? Oh yeah, there are still those cranky rich old white guys out there and Mitt has them lock, stock and barrel. Of course they are like him. They are old white cranky and have oodles of money to spend on his campaign. And they are the one segment of our society Mitt understands and bonds with. Will they be enough to push this bumbling, fumbling clueless interloper into the White House? Only if the rest of the nations voters don’t get out the vote.

It is evident that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about anyone or anything save getting himself elected president of the United Sates. And why would we want to elect him to that position? He has no feeling nor compassion for the poor and disadvantaged. He doesn’t have any feelings for women nor the issues they are concerned and they represent over 50% of the population. He has no concern for students and doesn’t care whether they get an education or not. He considers teachers, fire fighters and public employees leaches. He has written off African Americans and Hispanics. He would destroy the buffers that keep our seniors healthy and living long and productive lives. He trashes workers and their families. Just who does he like? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, cranky rich old white guys. They have as Woody Guthrie said the dough-re-mi. And they are ready, willing and able to dump as much of it as he needs to get elected.

It’s up to the rest of us to see that don’t happen. We now know exactly how Mitt feels about the rest of us so it will be up to the rest of us, the 47% plus to deny him and the cranky rich old white guys he is banking on to buy his way to the White House, that goal. It can be done, but we have to make sure we get out and vote. It’s come down to money versus doing what’s right. Mitt has the money. We the 47% plus can win if we do what we know to be right!” —– Bob Bearden


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