Hobby Lobby Arguing Religion

Brenda Weber
For those of you that asked, here is the letter to the editor I had published in today’s Lawton Constitution.

Dear Editor:

So Hobby Lobby is arguing that they should be allowed to regulate their employees off-duty actions because they have “sincere religious objections” to said actions by their employees and that their “religious beliefs forbid them from participating in, providing access to, PAYING FOR (emphasis added)…or otherwise supporting” actions by their employees that violate their religious beliefs. Wow.

Medical insurance is a benefit their employees earn; it’s part of their compensation package, just like their salary, sick days, paid vacation, company cars, life insurance, etc. It doesn’t belong to Hobby Lobby, it belongs to their employees, they’ve EARNED it with their labor, and how they control their ability to procreate is not, and never should be, any business of their bosses.

How far with this theory go? Will employers be able to tell you what charities you can donate to using the salaries they “give” you? Will they be able to prohibit you from using your vacation days to visit holy sites sacred to your own religion if your religion “offends” them? Shall they be allowed to prevent people from using their company cars to attend political rallies for politicians because their employer suppers the other guy? Just how much control are we willing to give employers over their employees personal choices?

Hobby Lobby should be ashamed of themselves. Their attitude allows employers to force people to give up their own beliefs and personal decisions about how to live their own lives in exchange for the opportunity to make a living. We should be allowed to make a living for ourselves and our families without interference into our private lives and decisions which do not effect our ability to do our jobs. This is a terribly slippery slope, and I ask everyone who supports Hobby Lobby to ask themselves : would you support an employer who happens to be Muslim denying his employees the right to purchase bacon with the salary he is “given” by his employer, or would you be offended at the very thought?


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