Racing Closer to Election 2012

by Bob Murl Bearden

We are racing ever closer to election 2012. An election that is probably more important than any election in our history. It will decide the fate of our nation to come for perhaps the next several decades and whether our experiment in being a Democratic Republic will continue or whether we will go sliding downward in decline from democracy into an abyss of plutocracy and fascism.

There have been watershed elections before. 1932 was one. The election of 1860 was another. Both of those elections were important to our nation and its citizens for they portended events that were driving our nation towards war in one and self-destruction in the other. This year 2012, this election is important for it offers us two paths. One path is toward ever more concentration of power in corporations and ever less participation in government by ordinary citizens. The other path leads toward restoring the balance of power between the rights of the individuals, the rights of women, the rights of all of our citizens versus the rights of money and corporate power to govern and rule our nation.

If the money and the corporations win we will soon become a fascist nation where the few dictate what the many can and can’t do. A nation where the ordinary citizen will have almost no power or voice. It sounds scary when you say it, but that’s the position we as a nation find ourselves in. Most people will read what I say and poo, poo my conclusions as not possible. But, it is already happening and it has been happening for a long time. It started over 40 years ago and it has creeped up on us so slowly that we haven’t been aware of most of it.

The corporate takeover of America will become a reality if we elect Mitt Romney president. He is on record of saying flat-out, “Corporations are people my friend.” That is as plain as it gets. He believes that corporations have the same rights as people. You may laugh and say that’s a crazy statement. You will of course point out that corporations aren’t people and that just because Mitt Romney said it doesn’t make it so. And maybe you would be right in another place and another time. But think about it we have a viable presidential candidate who is running a close race for the White House who believes that corporations are the same as people.

And to back him up we have Five Supreme’s who are on record as saying corporations have the same rights as people. Effectively they have stated clearly in their 5-4 decision in Citizens United that corporations are people. And in fact corporations not only now have the same rights as any ordinary citizens, they because of their wealth have powers to change the direction of this nation far above any powers an ordinary citizen has. They have the power to buy politicians and elections and there is a group of cranky rich old white guys who are intent doing just that. And they have the money available to do it.

All is not lost just yet. We ordinary Americans still have a voice and we still have the right to vote. We still have our ability to read and understand, given to us by the benefit of a free and public education. A free and public education that a lot of our ancestors fought and died to give us. We still have the right to freedom of speech. We can still speak out on the issues. We can still stand up and say Citizens United is and always will be an abomination to our nation and its people.

No all is not lost, but we must stand up and go to the polls and vote. Vote for America. Vote for freedom. Vote for women. Vote for Affirmative Action. Vote for our children. Vote for our students. Vote for our seniors. Vote for what the Preamble of our Constitutions guarantees us. The right to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,

Lets vote for all those things. And in the process tell this cabal of cranky rich old white guys and the candidate they are riding with to get lost!” —– Bob Bearden


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