Support for Veterans Quashed

Tony Wilson
This week the Congress, or 40 of them, made sure that support for our Veterans in their quest to re-enter the workforce here at home was quashed. It really should not surprise us that they did this while insuring that the oil companies will receive 40 billion dollars in subsidies over the next 10 years. We are all complicit in this natural evolution in a trend that has been ongoing for more than 30 years now, regardless of our avowed political affiliation. In the 1980’s we allowed our Federal and State governments to defund mental health care and some VA care programs which resulted in many of our fellow citizens being tossed into the streets. Among them were American War Veterans with physical and mental infirmities related to their service or substance abuse issues that also grew out of their service. It should not be a surprise to us now that the Congress would feel justified in tossing aside another generation of these wounded warriors.
We have, collectively, given them our tacit permission to do so for many years. As the homeless population, including vets, grew to a point where it is actually the stuff of legend and derision the world over, we just tried to make our way around them on our way to shopping or whatever we wanted to do with our days. Congress may actually be shocked to find this resistance now when we have never raised the issue before in any meaningful way. The argument that the gang of 40 used this week to justify it is the same one that a different Congress used in the 80’s: “we have no money to do this anymore”. Both times, there was money to expand the military budget and to increase their own salaries and benefits but none to care for the citizens that they had asked to fight these unjustifiable wars on behalf of their Corporate friends (Scalia‘s constituent citizens). We have failed to uphold the Democracy that we were given and should be ashamed.

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