Packers Seahawks games

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The controversy over the bad call in the Packers Seahawks games is an object lesson for us all. You want professional referees then you have to be willing to stand up and say we aren’t going to watch pro football until you the owners give us the real referees back. That’s not going to happen because we as a nation are addicted to football. Just like we are addicted to our iphones, our gas guzzling autos and all foods that are bad for us.

We have become so addicted to our lifestyles that we may even elect an idiot for president. H.L. Mencken’s prediction could actually come true this year and it’s all because we as a nation and as a people aren’t willing to give up what pleasures us and comforts us. We have an addiction worse than any drug addict could possibly imagine. And it’s pushing us ever closer to the end of our grand experiment in being a democratic republic and ever closer to becoming the world’s largest plutocratic fascist nation run by a cabal of old white guys for their gratification and pleasure.

But we don’t seem to care as long as they promise to let us watch Monday Night Football and as long as we can keep our ipads and our iphones and whatever other little gadgets we need so we can go through life ignoring the real problems of the world. Give us not our daily bread nor deliver us from evil. Just give us our 73 inch TV screens and endless trash sports to comfort us when football is in off season and enough dirty oil to power our SUV’s and let us watch the NFL in season with whatever idiots the owners want to foist upon us as referees and we’ll be okay.

Damn the nation and the 47 percent, those lazy shiftless SOB’s think we owe them a living. Get a job bum. I ain’t supporting you any more. Ain’t got time. When the game’s over I’m headed out in my SUV to guzzle some gas and vote for Mitt Romney.

Now there’s a guy who understands I got to have my ipad and my iphone and my 73 inch TV and my NFL. The environment ain’t imploding and Inhofe’s right the globe ain’t warming. It’s about having it all and not worrying about the great unwashed. Jesus Christ, well you know that dude had it right when he said, “Don’t worry about the poor they will always be with us!” Well Duh!” —– Bob Bearden


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