‎Secession as an Option

Bob Murl Bearden

doors-optionsSecession as an option. What a dumb concept. And why are these crazies who are signing up en masse so anxious to get out of paying their fair share of taxes? These are a lot of the same people who were telling others ‘America! Love it! Or Leave it! Easy step for them though, because anyone who would sign on to one of those petitions doesn’t fit my idea of what it takes to me a patriotic American. Their reasons are cloaked in the false issue of taxation.

They don’t want to be taxed. They cite the Boston Tea Party for their background. They all flunked American History 101! The Boston Tea Party wasn’t about not paying taxes, it was about not having a say in how they were taxed and what those taxes were to be used for. One of the battle cries of the Revolution was, “No taxation without representation!” They didn’t have a problem with paying taxes, they just wanted to have a say in how those taxes were levied.

Sunshine Patriots come to mind also. A Sunshine Patriot is an individual who claims to fight against tyranny on the side of freedom, yet who is unable to stick it out when the going gets tough or unfavorable. Sure times are tough and sure the election results weren’t to their liking so now they want to get the ‘Hell out of Dodge’! Too bad for them, but that’s not how it works. You either are an American Citizen or you are not. If you are then you take the good times with the bad. You take the election results you don’t like with the election results you do.

And secession as a desire is simply their displeasure over the re-election of Barack Obama to the presidency. And it’s not about taxes or any other pertinent issue of the time; it’s about bigotry, prejudice and racism. They hate Barack Obama, not for anything he has or hasn’t done, but simply because he is Black and because over their objections he had the audacity to not only run for president but to get elected as well. I know they vehemently deny that they are, but as Mark Twain once noted, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt”. It is a real and virulent cancer that has interjected itself on the body politic of our nation and its people. They can slice it anyway they want, and when they get called on it they always swear, just like ‘Shoeless Joe Jackson’ “that it ain’t so!”

But it is! And they know it! But, admitting that there is a cancer in their heart and soul is something they don’t want to deal with, much less admit that it is true. Being branded a bigot or racist is something that would tear down the fabric of the respectability they have built up around themselves and cloaked themselves in, to insulate themselves from the real world. Hatred is a terrible thing and it tends to eat you up from the inside out, so if you aren’t willing to deal with it you have to build up insulation to protect yourself from the fear that you will be found out. Denying the truth about how you feel about another person is something that we all practice and try to finesse because it reveals a part of ourselves that is on the dark side of our characters and we don’t really like to think that we possess a dark side.

We all have people we dislike and even may love to hate, but admitting that openly is seldom an option, because others don’t always see the same faults and dislikes in those same people. Macho makes a lot of people refuse to accept the truth about themselves and their hatreds and dislikes. Having dislikes and hatreds is to a degree natural, but controlling them so that we don’t become racist or bigoted is often a difficult proposition. Pretending we aren’t is a lot easier than confronting our hatreds, passions, and fears.

We as a nation thought we had put racism and bigotry to rest long ago, but the election and re-election of Barack Obama has proven that, that is not so. The pandering among politicians attempting to get elected by exploiting the bigotry, racism and hatred that is still rampant is something that we cannot keep sweeping under the rug and pretending that it is not happening. We must at some point confront the fact that there is still a lot of closet racists and bigots out there and that there are also a lot of stop at nothing to get elected politicians who are willing to exploit the fear, hatred, bigotry and racism of those that still harbor those vile traits.” —– Bob Bearden


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