Conspiracy Theorists-Birthers-Secessionists Still Kicking

Bob Murl Bearden

The election is over but the conspiracy theorists and birthers and secessionists are still alive and kicking. Really, you want to secede from the America you so love and tried to get us liberals to ‘Love it or Leave It’ not so very long ago? You don’t love it anymore? And why not? America the most diverse nation in the history of nations where all are free and all are welcome?

You say, oh no, not all are welcome exactly. Exactly why not? Well, perhaps it is because we have a shrinking white majority, eh? We have too many minorities and they are getting just a little bit too uppity for your tastes. My Gawd, they went elected a Black President. Or is he Black? Oh yes, there is that pesky white part of him that you don’t count, right?

Diversity stinks, right? You say you love diversity just not where you can see it or have to deal with it. Keep them diversers out of sight out of mind. It’s a white man’s world so these diverse people shouldn’t try to worm their way into to taking over for those cranky old white guys. Cranky old white guys rule! Right? No? Whoa, whose idea was that?

Well, it’s a new day and with every passing year our world is getting more murky and becoming a coat of many colors. Shades of dark are towering over the landscape and you don’t like it anymore. Got to get the hell out of Dodge, right? Where will you secede to? Can’t join Canada, they allow gay marriage and they have socialized medicine. Whoa, can’t secede to Canada! Wouldn’t be prudent now would it?

What about Mexico? Romney’s great grandfather tried that without too much success, albeit for a different reason. Too many dark skinned people living in Mexico. Trying to get away from deepening shades of brown wouldn’t work too well in Mexico. Place is full of them. So, where to do you go? Question of the day that one?

Why not stay in the good ole US of A? We are after all the melting pot of the world where all are welcome and all are free! Why not try and learn to live with those whose skin may be a slightly different shade than yours. What would be wrong with that? Isn’t it time we learned what Dr. King knew and tried to tell us so many years ago? That we should be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character! What’s wrong with that concept?

Even cranky old white guys are welcome in today’s America–they just can’t seem to grasp though that they can no longer dictate the mores, thoughts, or ideas for everyone else. It’s a new day and a new time. Time for us to move forward not backward and that means everyone should be allowed to move forward no matter what the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, national origin or the slant of their religion. That’s what America is about. That’s what it was always meant to be about! America, Love It and Stay With It! Let the dream continue!” —– Bob Bearden


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