The ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Bob Murl Bearden

Fiscal-Cliff-Ahead-iStock_000020775494XSmallThe ‘Fiscal Cliff’ is looming closer and closer, but do you think that the Republicans of the far right wing of the party care? No, they don’t! What they care about is clear–saving the uber-rich from having to pay taxes. Not only do they not want them to have to pay taxes, they don’t want them to have to give up any of their many tax rebates, credits and allowances that allow them to own ten homes and two dozen cars or a secret account in the Caymans. It’s insane but there it is. Mark Twain was right, ‘Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt’! They would like Kipling who said, “Deny the moon was even Stilton!!

And they have never met a fact that they couldn’t ignore. They have totally ignored the election results and are blithely going along as if the election never happened–intent on getting their way and calling it negotiation. What a farce these clowns perpetuate. They see no shame in what they are trying to do to this nation and its citizens. And when they diss one of their most revered and venerated members you have to wonder about their sanity and the sanity of those who voted them into office.

The right wing crazies in the Senate refused to budge and vote to confirm the United Nations Disabilities Act. It was based on the American Disabilities Act which was cosponsored in the Senate by Bob Dole disabled WWII Vet, a Republican from Kansas, and one of the most noble of Senators who at 89 is confined to a wheelchair and who came to the Senate to ask for passage. The clowns on the right cared not for his appeal to them they voted no. The reason they voted no? Because the act contains a clause that says essentially the rights of disabled children come first.

Why were they against that you might well ask? What cretin would not agree that disabled children should come first? Well those cretins of course. Their reasoning? Putting children first was a direct assault on families! Say what? I have always thought that is what families did put their children’s welfare first. What kind of human beings have we elected to office that are so devoid of compassion and love that they would consider helping a disabled child a bad thing?

It makes no sense. And beyond that thought is the notion in my mind that a lot of people stood up and voted for these people for them to be able to get elected. Election have consequences and it saddens me to find that we have an electorate that votes for people who would put forth asinine assumptions that coming to the aid of disabled children, protecting any human being with a disability is an assault on families! What nonsense and complete stupidity. Just when you think these people can’t be that bad, they prove that they are!” —– Bob Bearden


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