The Fiscal Cliff Looms

Bob Murl Bearden

Fiscal-Cliff-Ahead-iStock_000020775494XSmallThe ‘fiscal cliff’ looms large and we are apparently going over, like or not, since John Boehner cannot get the ‘Tea Baggers’ in his party to agree to any tax hike of any kind on their beloved multi-millionaires. There have been a number of bad ‘Speakers of the House’ over the 200 plus years of congress, but none so bereft of ability as that of John Boehner. He can’t control the right-wing zealots in his party and consequently his tenure as speaker has been essentially to do absolutely nothing save blowificate and do that rather badly as well.

The Republicans are imploding as a party because they are controlled and manipulated by a group of high paid ‘know nothings’ who owe their bodies and souls to their own special company store more commonly known as a small group of ‘Cranky Rich Old White Guys’ who still live in the fantasy world they have created for themselves that is locked in the middle of the 20th Century around the time of Joe McCarthy and the Witch Hunters of the McCarty Era.

The Republican Party Strategists bought into the Karl Rove mantra that all the polls save their own internal ones were not correct and got smacked down badly in the 2012 election. They won the White Male Vote big time. They won the Cranky Old Rich White Guy vote big time. However, they lost pretty all of the rest of the voters in the nation, big time. The Hispanic vote went Democratic by 71 percent; the Asian vote went Democratic by 73 percent; the African-American vote went Democratic by 93 percent and women voted Democratic by 57 percent. All big time figures.

But, Romney, his aides, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and company pushed a fantasy world whereby Blacks and minorities wouldn’t get out the vote and the old White Male Majority would triumph again for the Republicans. But it didn’t happen and when you stop and think about it. Romney, Rove, Limbaugh and company are mostly Cranky Rich Old White Guys who live in those ‘thrilling days of yesteryear’, which is a world that no longer exists and hasn’t existed for some time. But they didn’t get it. They still labored under the belief that the tons of money they had access to would sway enough of the minority vote to win for Romney. ‘White Guys For Romney’ didn’t make a ‘tinker’s dam’ in the final analysis.

Rove has kept a low profile and kind of heh, hehed his way along since the election, hoping all those rich old white guys he convinced to dump their millions into his Crossroads Group will be senile enough not to remember what he did for them in 2012. Mitt Romney on the other hand has gotten so despondent that he has taken to pumping his own gas and shaking his head from side to side as if to clear the cobwebs from his brain. He was literally so stunned at losing the election he had so confindently believed he had won on election day that he cancelled Thanksgiving for his family.

Rush Limbaugh raves on – blaming almost any and everything save his own lack of reality for Romney’s loss and the man he loves to hate, Barack Obama’s re-election. The fault lies not in his lack of reality, but in the fact that somehow America has lost its way and is falling into to the abyss. He seems to become more delusional by the day.

Reality bites of course, but for those millions who get all they know of the world from Fox News, the real world doesn’t yet exist. They still are reeling from the fact that Karl Rove got it wrong and Mitt didn’t win in Ohio or a lot the election either. It is amazing that given the results of the election and the knowledge that White Males have lost their majority status, we still have so many of our citizens living in a insulated fantasy world known as Fox News. They just don’t seem to want to give up the ghost and bring themselves in to the real world.

America is changing and its face is fast becoming a face that is no longer all white and male. But, Rush, Karl, Mitt, John Boehner and Tea Party compatriots can’t seem to grasp that fact. They still believe that their fantasy world, those ‘thrillin’ days of yesteryear’ will somehow rise again. Not gonna happen, but they can dream I suppose!” —– Bob Bearden

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