Ending Saturday Delivery

frdby Bob Murl Bearden

The arrogantly outrageous announcement by PM Donohoe that he is ending Saturday delivery makes no sense from any standpoint of reference and is utterly devoid of any intelligent thinking on what needs to be done to save the postal service. He stands with Darrell Issa and those who seek to destroy America’s only constitutionally mandated government entity.

First, he has no constitutional authority to take such action irrespective of his position as Postmaster General. That action is the purview of Congress and the President acting in concert. Secondly his action doesn’t address the problem that has caused the Postal Service problems. Something he himself acknowledged in his announcement.

Mr. Donohoe needs to step down and let someone else take the reins of the Postal Service who will work to fix the problems heaped upon it by Congress. Eliminating Saturday delivery will not fix what ails the service but it will hasten the end. It will make it more difficult for the Postal Service to compete with other private delivery services and cripple its ability to provide all America with a communication service that millions of citizens in rural America and millions of our seniors depend upon for their primary form of communication and package delivery.

Mr. Donohoe’s solution won’t work and I think he knows it but doesn’t care. I say Patrick Donohoe needs to go! Patrick Donohoe needs to go! When I listened to his speech I was reminded of the Black Sox Scandal and the little kid who pleaded to Shoeless Joe Jackson, “Say it ain’t so? Say it ain’t so?” Patrick Donohoe, say it ain’t’ so. Tell us you don’t want to destroy the Postal Service? But he can’t say that because he does!

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Ending Saturday Delivery

  1. The shady character behind the demise of the Post Office is not the unions, not E-mail, not the internet. It is Congress, and their restrictions on how the Post Office is to do business.

    The PO can’t set up separate, commercial stores; they would compete with FedEx and UPS, two big contributors.

    They must 100% fund every employees retirements from the day they are hired. Not another business or company or gov’t agency in the WORLD faces such an onerous requirement.

    Nope, look to your own congress and senate for the reason behind the demise of the Post Office.

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