by Bob Murl Bearden

obstructionism1Obstructionism is the order of the day for the party of Lincoln. Governing is not something they want to do. They have no desire to do anything that will help the citizens of this nation save a few cranky old white guys, like the Koch Brothers, Marvin Adelson et.al.. It is the most shameful display of political chicanery that has ever been given the light of day in our nation. They have a total distain for the citizens of this nation. They have sold their integrity and honor on the altar of greed. Their adherence to principles of statesmanship does not exist.

The Republican Party of today is ruled by a bunch of anti-government idiots. They have no sense of what government means and what government does. They love to cite the Constitution, but when it comes to quoting from it they cannot correctly quote from it. They have no sense of honor nor any sense of the common good. For them the common good is whatever the Koch Brothers tell them it is and for the Koch Brothers there is only one common good – what is good for the Koch Brothers and only that the rest of our nation’s citizens be damned.

The Republican Party lost the election but you would never know from the way they are acting. They act as if they received a mandate to continue this nation down the path of destruction they placed it on when they were in charge and when they gave Dubya whatever he asked for. They accept no blame for what they have done. Even though their mantra has been proved false they see no reason not to continue with the same old tired policies that lead to the almost total collapse of not only this nation’s economy but that of the world as well, and in continuing down this path they have proven themselves to be the very definition of insanity -‘Trying the same thing over again and expecting a different result!”

There are those among them that speak out from time to time against this madness that has infected the Grand Old Party of Lincoln, but the neo-con tea partiers now in control of the GOP aren’t listening. It is like Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, “They can’t handle the truth!” Actually, it is my belief they don’t want to hear it either. They invent their own truth and then try to sell it to the American public. It doesn’t work time after time, but they don’t care. They will spread it anyway. A party who has gone stark raving mad. And it is all because they can’t grasp that the old days are gone. As the song from Cats says – “A new day is dawning”, but they won’t accept the facts as they are. We are becoming a diverse nation in which white Anglo-Saxon protestants are not the majority and will likely never be again. They can’t except the fact that we are finally becoming the melting pot that our founders envisioned.

No, for the ‘Mad Men’ (and they are mostly old white men) of the Neo-Republican Come Tea Party Come Racist Party truth is but a cool aid that they never intend to drink. Why should they, it is so much easier to wrap themselves in the fiction that times aren’t changing and that if they just hold the fort long enough, Bear Coat Miles and George Crook will save the day. But like that idiot Custer they don’t really want to share the glory so they bull-headedly go into a battle they can’t possibly win secure in the knowledge, just like Custer that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong.

It is a sad state of affairs that we have a party co-opted by a small minority of cranky old white guys who want to return us to the late 19th century to a time when greed, and avarice ruled the day. This is the 21st century, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to those on the right. Despite their best efforts to take us back in time their day is passing and they will have to eventually drink the cool aid of enlightenment that they are so afraid of. Wake up guys we have a Black President and he is popular and he’s been overwhelmingly re-elected to a second term and soon you will be part to the stone-age of cranky old white guys. Fossils to a time when stupidity ruled the Grand Old Party of Lincoln. It’s gonna happen whether you like it or not so why not follow your own admonition that you like to foist upon women and lay back, relax and enjoy it!

And God is still speaking with love and charity despite the best efforts of the religious right to make God into some kind of rich cranky old white guy who sees the poor, the disadvantaged, the sick, the halt and the lame as lazy slackers whose only desire is to suckle at the teat of government. It just ain’t so and God knows the truth of it. Jesus still rocks and He rocks because He cared about and stood up for the sick, halt, lame, the poor and disadvantaged. He knew that they were not lazy slackers and he called out the Pax Romano for their mistreatment of those in society who had little. We must stand up and call out the crazies who are infecting the GOP these days and let them know we agree with that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth.

The times they are a changing, maybe the Tea Partiers don’t like it but it is inevitable.” —– Bob Bearden


3 thoughts on “Obstructionism

  1. Great post. Ironically, we watched “Oh God” last night, and some of the philosophies from “god” in that movie are a lot more real than the “god” as defined by the RepubliCANTS. You point out the GOP as the party of angry, old white guys, which for its part is true. But the current group of firebrands, ala Rubio, Cruz, Cantor, Paul, and Ryan, are young guys who have never worked anywhere but in the government, and have a totally slanted view of what life is like. You notice that the Sequestor applies to everyone but Congress, furloughs and salary cuts and office staff cuts do not apply to them.

    Thanks for posting this

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