600442_3731307595040_1256112523_nTeri McGrath Lawton/Ft. Sill Progressives Moderated

I think when we see what passes as public debate about same-sex marriage in politics or on the news, we understand that it is bullshit, and we tune out. It’s hard to engage in the “debate” because the question is absurd. It’s also pretty abstract to people who do not have to wait to get married until the people in their state get their shit together. But the thing about this problem is that the most immediately and obviously painful consequences of this absurd public “debate” are ones that we can deal with on the ground. There are children who are being denied access to education because of the way they dress.

There are children being harassed and abused by students and faculty. That is happening. Right here in this town. And it’s happening to kids who do not have enough support in their communities. This is not one of the problems we can pawn off on “bad parents” because the fact is we have no support system for parents of GLBT youth either. What we need to combat the problem of homophobia and hatred against homosexuals and all of its terrible manifestations is to teach communities to live together and not be assholes to each other. For me, that is kind of what Lawton PRIDE is about. We’re planning a Rainbow Ball. It is for everyone. And we can use support, so join up. There will be ways to help out, but just joining up and showing your support will help immeasurably.


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