Is There Anyone Left in the Grand Old Party of Lincoln Who Still Believes in America?

Disappointment_Fourby Bob Murl Bearden

Is there anyone left in the Grand Old Party of Lincoln who still believes in America? Methinks there is not! Paul Ryan would destroy his own mother’s Medicare safety net. Mitt Romney believes that the 47 percent of Americans he dissed are moochers who are shiftless and lazy and voted for Obama because he promised them hand outs.

Now comes the newbies in the Grand Old Part of Lincoln. Ted Cruz and Gohmert both from Texas and both even further right than Rick Perry which is a big stretch in and of itself. And most of those now leading the Grand Old Party of Lincoln believe that just because the demographics of America is changing they don’t have to change with it, they just have to do a better job of explaining their message. Not change the message but explain it better. They maybe need to talk to Ricky Ricardo. He was pretty good at getting Lucy to ‘splan’ herself, or not!

People like House Speaker John Boehner and his cohort in Eric Cantor went on Face The Nation last Sunday and admitted they had lied about the debt ceiling. Essentially they admitted that they had helped manufacture the crisis. How can these people look themselves in the mirror and say they love America? They don’t love this nation nor its citizens all they care about is keeping the cash flow coming into their campaign coffers from the Koch Brothers and those other cranky rich old white guys that fund their re-elections.

They are driving sane and common sense politicians like Chris Christie, Charlie Crist, et. al. from the ranks of the Grand Old Party of Lincoln. Of course those old staunch conservatives the likes of Barry Goldwater, Roland Reagan and Everitt Dirksen would not be welcome in today’s Republican Party. Robert Lafollette, Robert Taft and Teddy Roosevelt were way too liberal to be considered Republicans any more. Lincoln himself would not recognize the party he helped bring to life. The Grand Old Party of Lincoln today is more akin to the weird old mid-19th Century ‘Know Nothing’ Party than it is to anything remotely like a political party.

The GOPers today know the price of everything and the cost of nothing. They have absolutely no compassion for those who are poor and disadvantaged. They hate workers and their families and they have systematically helped destroy our middle class. They are intent on taking away every right that we enjoy save the right to use an assault rife to kill our children. They are peopled by a lot of off the radar wing-nuts whose only purpose is to destroy this nation and hand it over to the likes of the Koch Brothers for their disposition. It’s a shame to know that a party who helped free this nation from slavery is now the very same party that is slowly but surely pushing us backwards in time to those very days!” —– Bob Bearden


2 thoughts on “Is There Anyone Left in the Grand Old Party of Lincoln Who Still Believes in America?

  1. Good points. However, I do believe that Barry Goldwater and his extremism would really be welcome in today’s GOP.

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