What do Evangelical Christians, Bashers, Haters and Bigots have in Common?

God Hates Facts (1)by Bob Murl Bearden

What do evangelical Christians, bashers, haters and bigots have in common? Well, they all agree that God hates. Not everyone, of course just a certain segment of our society such as poor people, gays and lesbians and some shiftless minority types of whom they are often vague in the description of.

Oh, so God hates. I was taught (mostly by evangelical types) that God was love. That God so loved the world (which I had always previously assumed included everyone in it) he gave his only begotten son so that we could all (again there’s that assumption as to total inclusiveness) have everlasting life.

But now I find either they were wrong (those pesky evangelical types again) or God didn’t so love the world. He apparently just so loved a few special types in the world. Of which are whom?

Well, from listening to Fox News and ranting screeds on CPAC by various and sundry politicians the types they speak of are not – Barack Obama, anyone who thinks the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obama Care is a good thing; Hillary Clinton; anyone who makes less than $30,000 dollars annually; nearly 47 percent of the American population; anything and anybody associated with any liberal, progressive ideas (which of course must of necessity include all of our Founding Fathers), Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Gypsy Rose Lee. Not to mention Mickey Mantle, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Dwight David Eisenhower and perhaps that scoundrel of all scoundrels Richard Milhous Nixon.

Whew! What an A-Team list. Do you reckon that Mr. T is also on that list? Heaven forbid! I should spit in your eye if he is!

Hate is something that these bashers, bigots and evangelical Christians like to spew forth often without impunity directing their diatribes at almost anyone these days from Barack Obama to Chris Christie to even that virtuous paragon of conservative uprightness John McCain.

But wait as the loud mouth guy on the commercial likes to say – there’s more. My question is if they are Christians why do they hate? An I was taught that Jesus loved everyone not just the Koch Brothers and Michelle Bachman. Was I wrong? Could it be that I have been reading a different New Testament from the ones that these clowns claim they preach from? The Bible I read says Jesus loves you and me and everyone. Why someone even wrote a song that says so it’s called “Jesus Loves Me, The Bible Tells Me So”! But apparently these haters, bashers, evangelical Christians and bigots have a completely different version than I have. Mine tells me Jesus loved sinners. He loved little children. He loved the world and everyone in it. My Bible tells me that God was a God of love and that he didn’t exclude anyone in the world from the force of that love.

Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t think so!

I know this. I have never hated anyone in my life. There are a lot of people I don’t care to know or be around, but I don’t hate them. Feel sorry for them? Yeah that I do! Wish I could make them stop hating others? Yeah that I do too also! As Dr. King once said,

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. We need less bashers, haters, bigots and a lot more evangelical Christians in this world, who love not hate!”

—– Bob Bearden


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