Supreme Court. DOMA. Prop 8.

legalby Bob Murl Bearden

As the Supreme Court hears arguments and ponders whether or not to make a decision on DOMA and or Prop 8, people are weighing in all over the spectrum concerning whether or not gays and lesbians should have the right to marry. It really should be a moot point after all, but unfortunately given the homophobic drift of those on the right it is not. They love to cite the Bible as a basis for marriage being between a man and a woman, however the passage they love to cite most often also contains a lot of other no no’s that they never like to address. For instance that same part of the Bible says that anyone who commits adultery must be put to death.

Wow! Then if you believe the somewhat ambiguous passage on homosexuality (which doesn’t actually address the marriage issue in the first place) then you must, being of pure conscience also accept that anyone committing adultery should and must be put to death. Which would mean that millions of our fellow citizens including a number of prominent figures pushing the DOMA issue would have to be put to death. That would likely include a huge chunk of our elected officials on both sides of the aisle.

We know that putting people to death for adultery ain’t gonna happen. And we know that most of the no no’s in the Biblical passages that include the supposed no no against same sex marriage aren’t ever addressed by the opponents of same-sex marriage either. They strictly ignore those parts that they don’t want to have to address. Besides the Bible has so many passages that contradict one another it is like my late grandfather once said, “You can take parts of the Bible out of context and make them say anything you want it too! That doesn’t make it true or factual or right!”

Amazingly, a number of high profile Republicans are defying their party’s platform and calling for the Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8 and DOMA, Alan Simpson, Sarah Palin and several others have weighed in on the subject. And 58 percent of Americans believe same-sex marriage is an issue whose time has come.

I would say rightly so. When you look back at other issues that were struck down or changed by a vote of the people, such as women’s suffarage; slavery; civil rights; and voting rights it would be well to remember in all of these issues opponents once cited passages from the Bible as reasons that they should not be overturned. They were wrong then and opponents of same-sex marriage are wrong now. The Bible has too often been used as a means of oppression even though it is supposed to be for uplifting one’s spirit and not as a vehicle for pushing hate and bigotry against one segment of our society or another. And it doesn’t matter whether you agree with one’s sexual preference or not! What’s right is right and denying one segment of our society rights that are enjoyed by everyone else is just plain wrong!” —– Bob Bearden


One thought on “Supreme Court. DOMA. Prop 8.

  1. The bible is an interesting, historical read. A book written by a bunch of old men, upwards of 300 or more years after the death of Jesus. What is included in the book, and more importantly, what has been excluded from the book, was decided by a committee of old guys, and we all know what you get with anything designed by a committee.

    Not a big fan of Bill O’Reily, but in this case he was right. The only argument those against same sex marriage has is to “Thump their bible.”

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